The Blessed Soaps by Nature’s Glory


Nature’s Glory launches the world’s breakthrough in soap technology, this Singapore’s health pioneer introduces the first home grown, NASAA certified, brand new organic liquid soaps range called The Blessed Soaps.

The liquid soap base is made from Organic, Food Grade Coconut, Olive and Sunflower Oils with ingredients like Organic Aloe Leaf Juice and Organic Shea Butter to nourish and pamper the skins. The soaps contain therapeutic oils that are carefully mixed in precise formulated ratios using advanced technology into the soap base, following safety guidelines of aromatherapy to produce a safe, nutrient rich formula for the whole family. All its ingredients and processes meet the stringent Organic standards of NASAA Australia and every product bears the NASAA Approved Cosmetics logo.

The liquid soap based is very easy to use, it is gentle and yet effective in cleaning your skin quickly without blocking pores so that each time you shower, your skin will enjoy maximum nutrient absorption.

There are 5 variants of The Blessed Soaps by Nature’s Glory to refresh, relax and recharge yourself with as follows:

(1) Baby Love Unscented – for babies, children and those with sensitive skin or allergies.
(2) Citrus Joy for refreshing, uplifting, purifying and invigorating.
(3) Lavender Peace for calming, relaxing and soothing.
(4) Peppermint Patience for cooling the body and mind.
(5) Tea Tree Kindness for those with skin problems.

We tried 2 types of The Blessed Soaps by Nature’s Glory, Peppermint Patience for cooling the body and mind and Citrus Joy for refreshing, uplifting, purifying and invigorating. You can apply the soaps all over from hair, face, body and hands. 

Peppermint Patience for cooling the body and mind

Just apply a small amount on your hand, wet it and work up to a lather. Good to use this soap when you are feeling hot and tired, skin will cool down and feel very refreshed after the shower. It makes your shower time more enjoyable too with its cooling properties. 

Citrus Joy for refreshing, uplifting, purifying and invigorating

This is good to use when you would like to uplift your mood and helps to reduce stress especially after a hard day of work. It helps to make you feel better and energetic. Skin feels very clean, moisturized and smells really good.

The soaps are moisturising, it does not dry up your skin and comes with milder pH towards Baby Skin of pH7.8 in inner skin to reflect healthier skin and body. The soaps’ performance is up to 2.5 times better than most soaps, with higher nutrient absorption, using premium certified organic essential oils, natural aroma instead of fragrances, quicker to wash and clean with less time and water, therefore economic savings of up to 20%.  This is a very versatile product besides using it for shower, face wash, hair wash, you can use it for dish washing, or even a few droplets for mopping and laundry, and everything at home will smell heavenly, and they clean thoroughly yet not drying. 

Try one today and these liquid soaps come in 12oz (355ml) @$15, 32oz (946ml) @$30.80 and 1 gallon (3776ml) @$105. Made in USA. Product of Singapore.

They are available at Nature’s Glory and its online website,, selected NTUC Finest and Extra outlets, selected Watsons and health food stores.



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