Authentic Thai cuisine at Spicy Thai – Thai Cafe

Spicy Thai Thai Cafe

Media Invite and Food Review: Authentic Thai cuisine at Spicy Thai – Thai Cafe

We love Thai food and one of the best places to visit if you are looking for delicious and authentic Thai cuisine at affordable prices, it has to be at Spicy Thai – Thai Cafe! In fact it is one of our favourite places to dine whenever we are craving for Thai food.

Spicy Thai Thai Cafe at Aljunied Avenue

At Spicy Thai-Thai Cafe, you can enjoy a wide variety of mouth-watering Thai food and it is one of the few restaurants that uses charcoal for soup and steamed dishes to maintain heat consistency and quality.

Our Parenting World team is delighted to introduce some of the new dishes which include Thai-Chinese and Thai style dishes that you can enjoy at Spicy Thai-Thai Cafe as follows:

Thai-Chinese Dishes

Spicy Thai-Thai Cafe has expanded its menu recently to add some Thai-Chinese dishes for those who prefer to have some simple home-cooked food and for those who are not able to take spicy food. These new dishes are very well-received by diners, families with grandparents and suitable for children who can’t eat too spicy. 

Spicy Thai Thai Cafe 3

Stir-Fry Cabbage with Thai Sweet Fish Sauce 泰式鱼卤炒包菜 $10

The cabbage is expertly stir-fried to maintain its moist and crunchiness. The Thai sweet fish sauce further brings out the sweetness of the cabbage. This dish may look simple but it is actually very delicious! 

Spicy Thai Thai Cafe 4

Stir-Fry Broccoli with Scallops  干贝炒西兰花 $25

Stir-fry Broccoli with Scallops is a very popular and healthy dish. Our kids love to eat broccoli and this dish is made even more appetizing with fresh and soft scallops together with plump and juicy mushrooms.

Spicy Thai Thai Cafe 5

Cold Tofu with Special Thai Seafood Sauce 泰式海鲜酱汁冷豆腐 $16

This soft tofu dish is no ordinary tofu dish, it is even more tasty with the special thai seafood sauce. You can also use the yummy sauce to dribble over your rice. 

Spicy Thai Thai Cafe 6

Stir-Fry Fish Maw with Crab Meat 蟹肉炒鱼鳔 $20

We usually eat fish maw with soup. This dry version of stir-fry fish maw is very popular at Spicy Thai-Thai Cafe. The fish maw has been deliciously stir-fry together with crab meat, the fish maw is so soft, flavourful and moist. Very impressive! 

Thai Style Dishes

Spicy Thai Thai Cafe 7Kaeng Som Cha Om 泰式野菜煎蛋辣汤 $18

This is an interesting soup based dish and it is our first time trying with dill omelet being put into the soup. The soup is rich with lots of ingredients and has a spicy and sour flavour. If you enjoy tom yam soup and like to eat hot and spicy, this soup is for you!

Spicy Thai Thai Cafe 8Deep Fried Sea Bass with Thai Turmeric Sauce 泰式酥炸黄酱汁鲈鱼 $Seasonal Price

We love to eat fish and we are absolutely satisfied with this sea bass that is so fresh and meaty. The fish is deep fried to perfection with golden brown crispy skin on the outside while the meat inside remains soft and tender. The whole fish is generously soaked with sweet turmeric sauce.

Spicy Thai Thai Cafe 9

Onion Chicken $12

In addition, we have also tried out other dishes like Onion Chicken and Red Curry Prawns. Onion Chicken is a stir-fry dish with generous strips of tender chicken together with flavourful onion. This dish is so yummy and good to go with rice. 

Spicy Thai Thai Cafe 10

Red Curry Prawns $28

This delicious red curry prawn is a must-try if you love to eat prawns. Enjoy juicy and fresh prawn soaked in finger-licking rich and creamy red curry sauce. 

Look no further if you are looking for authentic and tasty Thai cuisine, Spicy Thai-Thai Cafe is a good place to visit! The dishes are reasonably priced and you can enjoy good food at pocket-friendly prices. 

We absolutely love the food and will be back to Spicy Thai-Thai Cafe to try out more of its dishes!

Spicy Thai – Thai Cafe

Address: Blk 115 Aljunied Avenue 2, #01-35
Tel: 6747 8558
Opening hours: 11 am to 12 am daily

Authentic and Delicious Thai Cuisine at Spicy Thai-Thai Cafe

{Media Invite and Food Review: Spicy Thai-Thai Cafe}

Looking for authentic, delicious and affordable Thai food in Singapore? Our Parenting World team loves good food! We love to eat and we had the opportunity to try out one such fine Thai restaurant which is Spicy Thai-Thai Cafe located at 115 Aljunied Avenue 2, #01-35. It was founded by homegrown businessman, Ron Poh five years ago and it started with his passion of seeking real authentic Thai food.

Fans of Thai food will be delighted to know that Spicy Thai-Thai Cafe uses charcoal for soup and steamed dishes to maintain heat consistency and quality. The popular signature Thai Iced Tea, the tea leaves are imported from Thailand, it has different own-made dressings for different dishes, the desserts are made from scratch, and the restaurant even customized dishes to bring exactly the authenticity that Ron wants to bring across as the brand personality and offerings of Spicy Thai-Thai Cafe. What’s unique about Spicy Thai-Thai Cafe, it is using the Northeastern Thai (Esan) style, which most of us are unfamiliar with compare to the Bangkok style cuisine that is most common in Singapore. 
Ice Thai Milk Tea $2.50 (L) and Fresh Coconut $4.50 (R)
Refresh yourself with the signature Ice Thai Milk Tea where the tea leaves are imported directly from Thailand and try its fresh Thai Coconut. A perfect way to cool yourself in this hot weather. Its Ice Thai Milk Tea is a must try with its creamy taste, best of all, it is not too sweet and a very refreshing drink. 
Deep Fried Kang Kong with Special Thai Sauce $10
The kang kong is coated with a light batter and deep fried till it is crispy and crunchy. This is the first time we tried kang kong deep fried like tempura style, it is very unique and we can’t stop munching the tasty crispy vegetables. It goes very well with the spicy and nutty sauce to give you the extra oomph! 
Special Tau Pok Cubes (NEW item) $6
Special Tau Pok Cubes is a new item at Spicy Thai-Thai Cafe which will delight your taste buds with these juicy mini-bites. 
BBQ Pork Belly $18 
We simply love this flavourful BBQ pork belly which is cooked over charcoal, the meat is well-marinated, so juicy and tender. It is a must order if you love to eat meat.  
Hommok (Thai Style Otak) $18 
This is not the usual otak that we have tried before, it is served in a coconut husk that gives a nice coconut flavour. The otak is more like a pudding, rich and creamy with lots of seafood, good to go with rice. 
Claypot Coconut Tom Yum Soup $18
This Tom Yum Soup version is different from the ones that we have tried before as it is served in a claypot with crunchy coconut slices and a generous serving of seafood. Hot and spicy, good to wake up your appetite for more food.
Butter Prawns $25 
This is a knockout dish especially if you love to eat prawns. The prawns are very fresh and sweet coated with rich buttery sauce. 
Lala (Clams) Bee Hoon $18
This is definitely another must-try dish! The bee hoon is perfectly cooked, well infused with flavours from the savory broth and enhanced with the natural sweetness of the clams. The dish is also generously filled with lots of sweet and juicy clams. 
Thai Walking Cat Fish with Spicy Lemon Soup $35 
At Spicy Thai-Thai Cafe, it has Cat Fish which is not commonly served and what’s more, the fish is cooked in Thai style and cooked over charcoal which brings out the flavour even more and the meat remains soft. We always love to eat fish, the Cat Fish is very fresh, the meat is tender and full of flavour from the tangy lemon soup based. We thoroughly enjoyed this dish, it is very appetising and good to go with rice too. 
After a hearty meal, the grand finale would be the desserts! At Spicy Thai-Thai Cafe, it served a good range of popular and well-known Thai desserts at pocket friendly prices.
Here are some of the yummy desserts that we have tried: 
spicy-thai-thai-cafe-11Lemongrass Jelly with Aloe Vera Cubes & Calamansi $3
Tapioca in coconut milk $4
Thai Red Ruby $4 
spicy-thai-thai-cafe-14Sticky Glutinous Rice with Mango $8 
For desserts, if you want something refreshing and cooling go for Lemongrass Jelly with Aloe Vera Cubes & Calamansi and the colourful Thai Red Ruby. If you prefer warm desserts, Tapioca in coconut milk and Sticky Glutinous Rice with Mango will definitely satisfy you. 

If you are looking for authentic Thai cuisine, Spicy Thai-Thai Cafe is the place to visit. It is a family-friendly restaurant to bring your family and friends to gather to have a good meal in a laid-back atmosphere located within the neighbour estate facing lush greenery and a quaint garden. We enjoyed the dishes and best of all, the food is very good and the prices are reasonable and affordable.

We absolutely love the food and will be back to Spicy Thai-Thai Cafe to try out more of its dishes!

Additional Information:

Spicy Thai – Thai Cafe

Address: Blk 115 Aljunied Avenue 2, #01-35
Tel: 6747 8558
Opening hours: 11 am to 12 am daily