Emotional Farewell to Sentosa’s Signature Songs of the Sea and Welcome to the new Wings of Time Show!


Our Parenting World, Gor Gor and Di Di were at one of our favourite places, Sentosa! We were at Sentosa to watch its signature Songs of the Sea as after a successful seven-year run, the show was coming to an end. Songs of the Sea was the world’s only night extravaganza set in the sea has captivated 8.5 million guests with an unique blend of live cast, dramatic effects and pyrotechnics. 


Many thanks to the organisers and Sentosa for inviting us and we had an opportunity to watch this well-loved and spectacular show. Songs of the Sea cast its spell over the audiences from Singapore and the world one last time on the evening of 4 May 2014. 


Before we went to catch the show, Gor Gor and Di Di went to the gift shop to get some souvenirs. The main character of the show is Oscar the Tiger Fish as shown in the above picture. The boys love this character. 


“Cheese!”, the boys poising for the photographer.


The boys were chatting excitedly about the show as they made their way to their seats. 


Di Di says: “We are waiting for the show to start and I can’t wait to see my favorite character, Oscar. Can you tell that I am wearing the same colour as Oscar the Tiger Fish?”


The highly entertaining show displayed dramatic effects with laser shows, water jets, dazzling fireworks display, computer animation and enthusiastic sing-alongs live cast.

The show also featured captivating music like “It’s Me”, “Magical Song”, “You’re Not in This on Your Own”, We Did It!” etc.

1-Sentosa-SOTS Closing - Thank you for the support-web

Photo Credit: Sentosa

“Songs of the Sea ends with a special “thank you” note on the water screen, ending its successful 7 year run as one of Singapore’s most successful permanent night attraction.”

Some of the memorable highlights at the closing event:

1-Sentosa-SOTS Closing - Cast hi-fives the audiences - web

Photo Credit: Sentosa

“Guests were in for a delightful surprise, as several cast members specially dived into the audience gallery during the finale segment, singing and doing hi-fives with the guests. A key cast member doing a high-five with Mr Mike Barclay, CEO of Sentosa Development Corporation.”

1-Sentosa-SOTS Closing - Cast and CEO in final celebratory jump - web

Photo Credit: Sentosa

“The cast of Songs of the Sea and Mr Mike Barclay (CEO of Sentosa Development Corporation, fifth person from the left) take a final celebratory jump as the show ends its successful 7 year run on 4 May 2014, entertaining over 8.5 million guests.”


Photo Credit: Sentosa

Starting 5 May 2014, the show grounds will close in preparation for the new multimedia night spectacular – Wings of Time.

About Wings of Time, it is produced by the award-winning events company ECA2, will unveil its majestic charm from 17 June onwards at the same outdoor theatre as Songs of the Sea. The show will present a never-seen-before ensemble of artistically choreographed multimedia effects, a talented live cast, and fun audience engagement.

With a new 10-metre tall backdrop against Sentosa’s Siloso Beach’s picturesque scenery, the 25-min spectacular will take the audiences on a magical journey of regal proportions, with new robotic fountains, 3D video mapping and enhanced pyrotechnic effects. A talented cast will take audiences on a journey filled with adventure, courage and friendship in this family-friendly extravaganza.

Wings of Time will be a ticketed performance, with daily shows at 7.40pm and 8.40pm along Siloso Beach. Premium seats are available at S$23 per person, while standard seats are at S$18 (standard rate), and S$15 (for local residents).   Advance tickets are available from 12 May onwards at store.sentosa.com.sg. For more information, please visit www.sentosa.com.sg or call 1800-SENTOSA (736 8672). 


Wings of Time tells the story of a fantastic journey through time and space. A bird-like creature, Shahbaz, from prehistoric times goes on an adventure with two modern-day teenagers in search of home. Along the way, they discover the world by exploring wondrous locations around the world. As the teenagers assist their newfound friend to find his way home, they too must face a test of their courage and friendship. What decisions will they make and will they too, be able to find their way home?



Starting from 17 June 2014


Show Times

Daily (Monday – Sunday), 7.40pm and 8.40pm



Siloso Beach, Sentosa Island, Singapore 099538

Nearest Train Station

Harbourfront MRT

[take the train from Sentosa Station (located in Vivocity) to Beach Station]


Show Tickets

Premium seats: S$23

Standard Seats: S$18 [Local rates: S$15]

(Ticket prices are inclusive of taxes)

How to Buy Tickets

Available online from 12 May 2014 onwards at http://store.sentosa.com.sg 








Christmas Joys at Port of Lost Wonder Sentosa


Our Parenting World, Gor Gor and Di Di were at Port of Lost Wonder Sentosa, one of our favourite places to celebrate early Christmas.


There are lots of activities going on at Sentosa and Port of Lost Wonder has arranged a series of full-filled Christmas activities the whole day for its visitors.

Let Gor Gor and Di Di show you around and what Port of Lost Wonder has to offer:


We were at Mrs Claus’ Kitchen to make our own gingerbread man cookies and Christmas Punch. Mrs Claus’ Kitchen is one of the activities booths at Port of Lost Wonder and at each booth, the friendly “elves” staff will stamp the coupon card that we were holding in the picture to indicate that we have done the activity. The friendly “elves” will also be around to provide help and guidance to the children. 


Let’s start making our gingerbread man cookies, first we were given a piece of dough and we were taught to use the mould to form the shape. 


We were also given ingredients to decorate our gingerbread man.


This is how our gingerbread man cookies will look like after we have completed it. After completion, we will send our cookies for baking and come back later to collect it.


Next, we moved on to make our own Christmas Punch with guidance by the friendly “elf”. 


Gor Gor and Di Di busy making their own concoction. 


Ta-Da! We have finished making our Christmas Punch, you want to try?


We were at Elves at Work where we were taught to make our own trinkets. You can use it to hang at the Christmas trees or anywhere that you like.


Gor Gor and Di Di started to work on their Christmas Trinkets. 


We have completed it and we were going to hang it at the Christmas trees. We also wrote our Christmas wishes on the trinkets that we made. Can you guess what are our wishes? Hee hee  …


We were at the Rudolph’s Backyard to work on making our own Christmas cards. 


The friendly “elf” is always around to guide and help us at each activity booth. We were taught how to make and decorate our Christmas cards.


We were ready to send our Christmas cards. Have you received our Christmas cards send with Lots of Love and Best Wishes by Gor Gor and Di Di?


We were at Glitter Wonderland to make our own candles-in-a-jar.


Gor Gor and Di Di listened intentively how to make the gel and poured it into the container to complete the process. 


We need to wait for the gel to set and collect our Candles-in-a-jar later. In the meantime, we moved to our next station. 


Gor Gor and Di Di having fun at the Frosty Pool House activity station. They were excited to join in the Bubble Party.


Di Di always love to play the water gun.


Our Parenting World, Gor Gor and Di Di would like to thank the kind and lovely organisers and dedicated staff at Port of Lost Wonder Sentosa for inviting us. We all had a fabulous time!

Port of Lost Wonder is celebrating and spreading the Christmas Joy from 21, 22 and 25 December 2013 from 10am to 6pm. Please click HERE for more information. 





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