KidsSTOP: Year End Holiday Programmes

{Event Listing: KidsSTOP: Year End Holiday Programmes}

The holiday season is knocking on the door!

Guess what’s in store at KidsSTOP’s Party Room. A whole lot of fun activities and experiments for our young Science wizards!


Sign up your kid/kids for this fun and meaningful sessions at KidsSTOP. Registration details can be found at

KidsSTOP’s Upcoming Activities: September Holiday Programmes and First Toddler Programme (TOTally Science)

{Event Listing} September Holiday Programmes

KidsSTOPTM Investigation Department is recruiting young detectives to help in a mystery case! Join its specially trained investigators and let’s put on your thinking caps to solve the case. Through forensic science activities, children will learn how to use evidences found at the crime scene to unravel the mystery.

Visit for more information.


TOTally Science

Join this unique & meaningful parent-child programme for 2 – 3 years old!

Sing, dance, play, learn and enjoy quality bonding time with your child as he /she discovers the world through a wide variety of exciting and immersive science experiences! 

Visit for more information.


To find out more about KidsSTOPTM , please click HERE

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