Protect your precious belongings from haze and monsoon with ColorWash

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{Media Invite and Event Highlight}

With the current unpredictable weather conditions such as haze and the coming monsoon season, we have to protect our precious belongings from these harsh conditions that will cause damages. ColorWash, the leading professional cleaning service provider with over a decade of experience in bringing cleanliness and hygiene to leather bags and shoes, among other items is founded by the lovely Gemma in the picture above. ColorWash also specialises in colouring and restoration of your items like luxury bags.

At the media event, Gemma shared with us useful tips on how we can protect our precious belongings.

- Use hairdryer held at a distance and set to cool to dry your leather accessories if there is a sudden downpour or water spillage over your item.

- You can also use newspapers which are known to be good water absorbers and can help maintain the shape of the bags and shoes. It is important to wrap the newspapers with a layer of cleaning tracing paper as ink stains might transfer onto belongings.

- The correct way to store your precious items is very important, they should not be stored directly next to each other as some items are coated with enamel and wax. Said material may melt and stick to other surfaces when exposed to heat over a period of time.

- Do not use baby or wet wipes to wipe your belonging as the chemicals from the wipes will cause further damages to your belonging.

- Stuff your bags and shoes so that they will not lose their shape over time. 

You can also send your items to ColorWash where they will be checked and assessed by an experienced specialist on the most effective method to clean, protect and colour the items. You can be assured that your items will be well taken care of and in perfect condition.

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After a sumptuous high tea, Gemma brought us on a walk around Cloud Forest at Gardens by the Bay to emphasize on the importance of protecting our items. We do not have to worry about our bags with the High-Density Transparent Coating. 

ColorWash introduced its High-Density Transparent Coating with Silicone technology, is perfect for protection against unpredictable weather conditions and even water and minor food stains. The coating is good for leather, fabric and suede items.

Our team has send our bags to ColorWash for High Density Transparent Coating, it does give us a peace of mind knowing that our bags are well protected and not having to worry about any spillage on our bags. The coating will also make your leather smooth and supple. 

What if you spill food or water on your items, you can also use ColorWash’s Soft Cleaner Wipes to do a quick wipe down. However, if the stain remains after wiping, please consult a ColorWash professional. Do not attempt to remove the stains personally as that could cause more damage and the effects of the stains could be irreversible. 

As the pioneer in the industry, ColorWash is committed to enhance better living through cleanliness. There are six ColorWash outlets in Singapore: 

ColorWash @ Alexandra Retail Centre #02-13

ColorWash @ Asia Square Tower Two #02-20

ColorWash @ China Square Central #01-01

ColorWash @ Mandarin Gallery #03-05

ColorWash @ Marina Square #B1-05

ColorWash @ West Coast Plaza #02-48

To learn more about ColorWash and its services, please visit and

Celebrating ColorWash 10 Years Anniversary!

Our Parenting World are invited to ColorWash 10 Years Anniversary celebration and to witness the launch of the industry’s first silicone-based protective coating service.


Introducing the power of High-Density Transparent Coating and at the launch, we will discover what makes it twice more effective than all other coatings currently available.


Ms Gemma Gil who is the co-founder of ColorWash sharing with us how ColorWash is founded and its philosophy behind ColorWash. Two new branches will be opened at Asia Square Tower Two and Katong V, there are now total 10 branches all over Singapore to cater to customers’ needs. 


ColorWash is proud to launch a new cleaning technology called High-Density Transparent Coating which is set to revolutionize the industry. The collections of bags and other items at this table are for demonstration purpose where Ms Gemma Gil and her brother will show us how the new cleaning technology will work.



Taking the Prada Bag as an example, water is sprayed onto the bag and you can see the difference between the coated side and uncoated side. The coated side is protected with the silicone which is incorporated into the High-Density Transparent Coating. This coating is twice as effective in protecting bags and other items from water and minor food stains.

You can see from this experiment that water could not steep into the coated side whereas the uncoated side, water has steeped into the bag.


Another example to show how effective the transparent coating can help to protect your leather and fabric items.


How about food stains? Tomato ketchup was poured onto the expensive Chanel bag on both the coated and uncoated part of the bag. Ladies with expensive bags like Chanel will panic when it happened. Fear not, with the transparent coating, your bag is well protected. 


Ta-da! The coated part, you can easily wipe the tomato ketchup and the hardest part to remove is the stain on the stitches of the bag, with the transparent coating, your bag will be protected as compared to the uncoated part where you can see the difference in the above picture.


We would like to thank the kind and lovely, Evelyn, Gemma Gil and the dedicated ColorWash team for inviting us to the event and we are honored to be part of ColorWash 10th years anniversary celebration. Here’s wishing ColorWash Happy 10th years anniversary and with many more good years to come!

Dear Friends and Readers, good news! High-Density Transparent Coating is available at all ColorWash outlets at $120. To celebrate the new stores openings, High-Density Transparent Coating is available at $60 which is half of its retail price at Asia Square Tower Two from 30 September to 13 October 2013 and Katong V from 25th October to 8th November 2013. 

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