Singapore Zoo marks World Wildlife Day with 2018 conservation campaign Together for Wildlife

Singapore Zoo World Wildlife Day

In conjunction with World Wildlife Day on 3 March, over 200 preschool children from Kinderland Preschool marched together on a conservation education ‘Walk for Wildlife’ at Singapore Zoo to mark the launch of a new conservation campaign by parent company Wildlife Reserves Singapore (WRS), ‘Together for Wildlife’. It calls on communities, businesses and individuals to come together to help protect the future of Singapore’s wildlife and around the world.

Singapore Zoo World Wildlife Day 1

Mr Tan Chuan-Jin, Speaker of Parliament and Deputy Chairman of Mandai Park Holdings (holding company of WRS), who graced the event as the guest of honour, mentioned that “Our planet is under immense pressure today as a result of human impact, and wildlife is more at risk than ever before. Through raising awareness for the importance of conserving wildlife and biodiversity amongst our younger generations, and educating them on the ways they can take action, we’re putting our best foot forward for a chance to really turn things around for wildlife in the future.”

Singapore Zoo World Wildlife Day 2

Mr Mike Barclay, Group CEO of Mandai Park Holdings shared that “The world is facing what scientists term the sixth mass extinction event, with the prospect of many species going extinct due to mankind’s impact on their habitats. The problems are complex, and we believe that only a coordinated effort by diverse stakeholders can mitigate the crisis. For years, WRS has been working with biologists, academics, and government agencies on a myriad of conservation projects. Through Together for Wildlife and the various events and in-park activities that we will be running in 2018, we are encouraging schools, communities and businesses to also get involved and learn how they can take action too.”

Singapore Zoo World Wildlife Day 3

Little wildlife heroes need help from big ones too!

Throughout March, an online public awareness campaign by Wildlife Reserves Singapore, #TogetherforWildlife, will encourage everyone to join together in turning things around for wildlife by posting a picture of themselves upside down on Instagram. For every upside down post recorded with #TogetherforWildlife in March, Wildlife Reserves Singapore will pledge S$1 towards wildlife conservation.

Focusing its conservation efforts on Singapore and the ASEAN region, WRS has provided support to over 50 wildlife conservation projects across Southeast Asia through a combination of on-site leadership and best practices, research and funding and has a further 27 regional conservation projects confirmed for 2018.

Southeast Asia has become a hotspot for biodiversity and habitat loss, alongside widespread illegal wildlife trade, putting a large number of species under threat. To tackle the major extinction crisis this region faces, WRS hosts the Asian Species Action Partnership (ASAP), an alliance of conservation organisations, with the aim of focusing emergency conservation attention to critically endangered land and freshwater vertebrates in Southeast Asia. According to the IUCN# Red List of Threatened Species, 175 ASAP species are presently on the brink of extinction.

Through its four parks in Singapore: Jurong Bird Park, Night Safari, River Safari, and Singapore Zoo. WRS also cares for a living collection amongst the richest in zoological institutions around the world, in which one in five of the species represented are threatened.

In collaboration with Singapore partners, WRS plays a key role in supporting and implementing conservation strategies for native species as well as managing rescued animals through a rehabilitation process. In 2017, WRS received a total of 1,977 wildlife rescues, the majority of which were reintroduced to the wild through local partnerships.

Singapore Zoo World Wildlife Day 5

Let’s join together in turning things around for wildlife by posting our own upside down picture on Instagram from 2 to 31 March 2018. For every upside down post recorded with #TogetherforWildlife in March, Wildlife Reserves Singapore will pledge S$1 towards wildlife conservation. 

In the month of March, there will be a series of in-park activities that will run in support of the Together for Wildlife conservation campaign to create awareness. To find out more about the activities and campaign, please visit

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