School Holiday is coming

Mummy says:
Next week is the long awaited one week school holiday. Time flies, by today afternoon, Gor Gor has already completed his first school term.
What has he done in school in the past 10 weeks?
  • He learnt to wake up early and sleep early. This is a good habit for school going children.
  • He knows how to follow the schedule. For example, he knows that he has 30 minutes to eat and go to library during his school recess everyday.
  • His knowledge of English, Maths and Chinese is much better than 3 months ago before he started school.
  • He learnt about leadership skills, now that he is the class Captain for Chinese language.
  • He participates in CCAs, soccer and Chinese club.
It is quite a big change for Gor Gor, moving from an informal afternoon session Kindergarten to a formal school environment in the morning. He now looks forward to the one week of school holidays where he does not need to wake up at 5.45am every morning.

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