Gor Gor is a Formula 1 driver

Gor Gor went to Jasper’s home for a party. His daddy is a big fan of computer game and he has this computer driving game in his home. Look! Gor Gor is a Formula 1 driver for the day.
Look, I am the first Formula 1 driver from Singapore

Why singing is good for children?

Daddy says:
This is a follow-up to the article earlier on Gor Gor and his singing.
Many parents thinks that their children are not good in their memory. They complained that no matter how much time and effort their kids spent in reading, they cannot remember the details. Actually, training for memory should starts when they are very young.
One trick to train their memory is to let them learn singing. To be able to sing a song, the child would need to memorise the song verses. As it is fun singing songs, the child will enjoy this type of memory training. If your kid is able to remember the whole song, I am sure he does not have any problem with his memory. You would just need to make the memorising process more fun for them.
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