Which is better ? Express haircut or traditional haircut for your son

Mummy says:
Gor Gor had his haircut at the $10 EC House at West Coast Plaza. Many parents who have school going children need to send their children for regular haircut due to the stringent school rules. Where can you get cheap haircuts?
There are 2 places for haircut if your budget is around $10.
1. The express haircut shops like EC House or QB House. These shops are in most shopping centres in Singapore and they are normally staffed by 2 to 3 hair stylists. The average haircut takes around 10 minutes.
2. The traditional Indian or Malay barbers, like Sri Nana and also individual barber shop.
Which is better?
The express haircut shops like EC House tend to be newer. They also cut hairs for ladies. So if mummy wants to have a haircut with your child at the same time, you should go to this group of haircut shops as they cater for both males and females. The waiting period can be fairly short if there are a few hairstylists working at the same time. The haircut tends to look more “modern” and you can sometimes even style your son’s hair similar to some Japanese or Korean male actors by informing the hairstylists what you would like them to do. The cost of haircut is $10.
The traditional barbers can be a bit cheaper, some are charging around $9 for a children haircut. Sometimes you can go there and “take a virtual queue number” by telling the barber you will go and do some shopping and come back again if the shop is crowded and the barber will keep your queue for you. Unlike the express shops where you need to physically seated on the waiting queue seat, and sometimes you have to seat on the warm seat of someone else when the person moves forward. The traditional barbers tend to cut your boy’s hair shorter at the back and thus you can have a longer interval before the next haircut.
Thus, each of these shops have their pros and cons, depending on which type of services you need.

Gor Gor getting his haircut

Mummy says:

School has started for about 8 weeks and its time for Gor Gor to have his haircut again as his school, like all the boys school, have stringent rules regarding the students hairstyle.

From his school website, it states what is required for the boys hairstyle:
- Pupils must have a short and neat hairstyle
- Their hair must not touch their ears or the collar of their uniform
- Outlandish hairstyles are not allowed
- No dyeing, tinting or highlighting of hair. Pupils with such hair will be required to dye their hair back to its original colour
- The fringe must not touche the eyebrows when combed down
- No shaved head unless on medical grounds
I believe most boys schools have fairly similar rules on this. It is important to let the hairstylist/barber knows of these requirement when cutting your son’s hair, otherwise he may still fail the school rules and have to come back for another haircut again.

Gor Gor getting his $10 haircut from EC House
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