Outing at Amazonia

Today is an exciting day for Gor Gor as he gets to meet his friends at Amazonia for a fun day fill with activities. I have heard so much about Amazonia and finally we have the chance to visit it.
Amazonia is located at Great World City Level 3 Unit #03-08. Once we proceed into the venue, we saw a huge 8 metre high 4 level wave slide, however Gor Gor is not used to sliding down such a huge slide so he did not attempt it. He has a lot of fun climbing up and down the numerous tunnels and suspension bridges, jumping in and out of the ball pit.
After all the fun, we have lunch at Bistro with all his friends and parents, it is great catching up with everyone :)
Mummy didn’t manage to take much photos as I am so busy climbing up and down with Gor Gor and catching up with our Mummies friends.
Here are some of the photos:
Gor Gor is pestering me to bring him back to Amazonia again as he wants to try the huge slide and we will certainly bring him back.

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