Our opinion on playing computer games

Mummy says:
This is a follow-up on the article Gor Gor and Kai Xiang playing computer games.
Parents generally ask me “Isn’t computer games bad for children?” Well my reply is “Computer games can be beneficial to the child, if you know know to manage them”.
Children loves to play computer games as they are exciting and also convenient, able to play at the convenience of their home. You can use the computer games as an incentive to encourage them to manage their time properly for their studies. eg. you allow them to play for 20 minutes after they have finished their homework and also other assignment.
Playing computer games can help them to be alert and develop quick reflexes. Some computer games require the child to learn various strategies to win the battle. These help them to think under pressure, and they are good mind training.
Thus, if you can manage their time properly and not allowing them to play excessively, playing computer games is good for your child.

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