Our family horoscopes

Yesterday we went to Resort World Sentosa and visited the “Maritime Experimental Museum and Aqaurium“. The name was a bit misleading as there was no aquarium yet.

Nevertheless, both boys enjoyed the visit, including watching a short movie in the Typhoon Theatre. The movie was quite exciting, but be careful as you will have some water splashing on you during the movie to simulate the typhoon.

We were worried that Di Di will cry. To our relief, Di Di was very brave, he was the youngest audience in the movie and he was not scared of the show with our seats moving, simulation lighting, loud noise and with water splashing at us.

After the movie, we walked out to the shops in the museum and we saw these nice pillows. These are our family’s horoscopes. Daddy is Capricorn, Mummy is Taurus and both boys are Scorpio. The horoscopes descriptions are quite accurate for us.

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