Oral-B #Rethinkyourmouth Media Launch


Our Parenting World was invited to attend Oral-B #Rethinkyourmouth media launch to find out more about its newest range of products which offers superior plaque solutions through a three-step regimen of Brush, Floss and Rinse, featuring the new Oral-B® Pro-Health® Anti-Bacterial Toothbrush, Oral-B® Glide Pro-Health® Deep Clean Floss and Oral-B® Pro-Health® Multi-Protection Rinse.

Simply follow Oral-B #Rethinkyourmouth without sacrificing the sweeter things in life.


Dr Daylene Leong, Dental Surgeon with Specialist Training in Periodontics, Specialist Dental Group® was at the event to give us an insight into good oral health habits.


Studies conducted by Oral-B shown that most Singaporeans spend less 2 minutes a day brushing their teeth. To maintain good oral health, we are advised that it takes only 8 minutes to do a proper three-step regimen of Brush, Floss and Rinse twice a day.

Additional Information:

Oral-B_ Pro-Health__Product Fact Sheet (1)_0001

Oral-B_ Pro-Health__Product Fact Sheet (1)_0002

Oral-B_ Pro-Health__Product Fact Sheet (1)_0003















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