My studio photo shoot with Mum and Dad

Today is a very exciting day, it is my studio photo shoot with Mummy and Daddy. I am one month and 3 weeks old. The photographer Edwin has taken Mummy’s and Daddy’s wedding photos in Korea and they have become friends after the trip. Edwin has seen our parents through the important stages of their lives as a couple. Mummy has also taken her pregnancy photos with him.

My confinement nanny came along to help out with my feeding and changing of outfit. Mummy has prepared four outfits for me to wear. The studio people know Mummy and Daddy very well and they are looking forward to see me.
The good uncle Edwin and the lovely ladies at the studio take so many pictures of me, they play with me and make sure that I am comfortable. When I start to cry a little, Uncle Edwin and his wife will bring me to the air-condition to cool me down. It can get warm with all the studio lights.The photos turn out well and they said I am a beautiful baby.
Thank you, I like the photos very much :)

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