My new look

I am officially “botak” now, means I have no hair. I was born with a full head of hair and because Singapore weather is so hot, it will be cooler if I shave my hair. Chinese custom believes that it is best to shave the birth hair so that the baby can have a new good beginning in life and also the new hair will grow back better. Hee hee … fortunately, I still look cutesy without hair. A lady came to shave my hair and it will be made into a scholar brush. My whole hair shaving ceremony was being taped down by mummy.
The purpose of a scholar brush is believed to bring good health, prosperity and wisdom to the child. It is engraved with words of best wishes and encouragement from the parents. It is a sentimental and symbolic gift from the parents to their children. Now when I go out, no one said I look like a girl, I am so boyish now.
What do you think of my new look? :)

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