My first baby class

Gor Gor says:
Mummy brought me to my first baby class called Babelicious Rhythm & Dance. She was looking forward to it as she can meet up with her friends and have fun with me. As we were having the lessons all the fathers including my daddy were busy taking photos and video taping the whole session. The class was so interesting, all the mummies had to carry their babies, walk and run according to the music. We sang along and pair up with another baby to do action together. The class ended of with a twinkle twinkle little star massages that I actually fell asleep. The class was well organised by Aunties Irene and Alice. Thank you Aunties Irene and Alice !

Aunty Irene has put a comment on her blog that “Then the last part of all is twinkle twinkle little star massage, one of my little friends even fell asleep.” That little friend is me, I fell asleep after the massage. All the mummies were so amazed. The above is a photo of me falling asleep after the massage done by mummy.

Mummy made me sit without realizing it until the mummies told her “Your baby can sit!!” Mummy playing with my baby friend. 

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