My favourite stunt

This photo is taken at my confinement nanny’s room. 

This is one of my favorite stunts, I love to perform this to my family’s delight.

My confinement nanny told Mummy that I am one of the very few babies that can do mini-push up at this stage on my own. My confinement nanny has been putting me down on my tummy. I can do my push up and hold it for a good number of seconds and when I sleep on my tummy, I know how to change side. My confinement nanny said that is so amazing. You know what, I am a Super Baby!  Muahahahaha …

Mummy feels that most confinement nannies will say good things to make the mothers feel good. Hee hee … whatever it is, to my parents, the most important thing is that I am healthy.

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