MINT Museum of Toys’s latest National Day campaign, Imagining SG100: Batteries Not Required

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MINT Museum of Toys encourages visitors to look ahead and imagine the toys of tomorrow. This comes as part of the museum’s latest campaign, ‘Imagining SG100, Batteries Not Required’, organised in conjunction with Singapore’s 51st anniversary, from 6 – 31 August 2016.

Visitors of the museum are invited to take up the challenge of creating and building their envisioned toy of the future using basic recyclable and craft materials, all for a chance to win MINT Museum of Toys’ SG100 toy capsule.

The campaign is centred on a toy design challenge, whereby visitors are given the freedom to create their own rendition of a futuristic toy. To bring their creation to life, recyclable and craft materials, such as ice-cream sticks, fabric and aluminium foil, among other things, will be made available in a “Can of Imagination”. Four cans will be spread across the different levels museum.

The selection of materials, in addition, pays symbolic tribute to the toys from the past, which, until the rise of plastic, were made primarily using wood, tin and cloth.

Summing up by Christopher Ho, General Manager, MINT Museum of Toys “There’s much to be celebrated about toys. They’ve come a long way from simple stones being thrown around, to wind-up and battery-operated, and to digital games and toys. Many of these toys are obsolete today, in that children no longer play with them or aren’t very familiar, but we see in them a potential to inspire future inventions and reinventions. Above all, we hope visitors not only feel inspired to create, but also have fun in the process – without requiring the use batteries, of course.” 

‘Imagining SG100, Batteries Not Required’, in essence, aims to celebrate the progress and development of toys over the years. The title is not only a throwback to earlier days when batteries were not required for toys or games, but also looks towards a future where batteries may no longer be required.

The toy design challenge will run until 31 August 2016, at the end of which, the top three most imaginative and inspiring submissions will be awarded a SGS100 toy capsule each, to be carried forward and reopened in 2065.

‘Imagining SG100, Batteries Not Required’ toy design challenge is open to all and takes place at MINT Museum of Toys.

Toy Design Challenge Information

Title: Imagining SG100, Batteries Not Required

Venue: MINT Museum of Toys, 26 Seah Street Singapore 188382

Dates: 6 – 31 August 2016

Last submission date: 31 August 2016


Museum Contact Details:

Opening hours: 9:30am – 6:30pm

Telephone: 63390660



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