{Media Invite} Invitation to SOLD.sg new site launch party!

We were invited to SOLD.sg new site launch party which was held at  Hummerstons  on 18 September 2012. Thanks to SOLD.sg and Omy.sg for the invitation!

What is SOLD.sg? It is Singapore’s premier online shopping destination and this month, September, it is adding 2 new e-commerce channels to their popular pay-to bid auction model. 

These 2 channels will give consumers more choices as consumers can select either the strategic, competitive and thrill-seeking shopping experience by bidding for products on Sold.sg auctions, or elect to buy an item directly. 

The products featured in Sold.sg are carefully selected by the team to ensure that the items are of the highest quality or the best in their categories. Best of all, we can expect to find products that we may not find in other online stores.

We are given an opportunity to ask for a DEMO at the launch.

A wide range of cool products and gadgets being showcase at the launch

More lovely products suitable for all!

Good news! SOLD.sg is offering free shipping for the month of September, don’t wait too long to try this cool site out. You will be amazed with the range of products being offered and have fun!

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