Mama buy this okay?

Mummy says:
I was just sharing with my friend that I was very amused with Gor Gor. One day we went to a shopping mall and I was looking at some toys. He picked up a toy and asked me earnestly “Mama, buy this okay?” I was surprised and amused at the same time. He hasn’t turned 2 then and he knows the meaning of “buy”??
So now he will go to the shop, pick up a toy, Mama, want this, buy okay? I will smile and put the toy back. He will continue to pick up another toy come to me and ask the same question. Fortunately he is very good, once he stepped out of the store, he never ask for the toys that he wanted me to buy. He is a big fan of Hasbro, Fisher Price, Lego toys and so on. He has so many toys at home.
He is getting really close and sticky to me now once he opens his eyes in the morning. He will call for Mama, wants Mama to carry, wants Mama to sit down with him. Most of the time he behaves like a boss. He will order “Mama, sit down”, he will tap the space close to him and gesture his mama to come and sit down at the spot that he wants her to sit. It cannot be anywhere else but the spot that he dictates. He wants to stick to me real close and he feels good.

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