I am eight months old!!

Gor Gor says :
Chinese love the number 8 which means prosperity, it is an auspicious number. Horray, I have reached my eight month on the 22nd :)
Right now, I can stand by holding onto furniture like sofas, bed or cabinet. However, sometimes when I stand, I like to do a 360 degree turn that worries my family as they have to quickly grab hold of me in case I fall down. I love to climb the stairs many times a day and do you know that I am giving my family a good exercise up and down the stairs. When you see the photos of me climbing up the stairs, my family is actually following me from behind. I have also attempt to take mini steps with support. I am more expressive now experimenting with a wider range of vocal sounds. At this stage, I can recognise my family and when I see them, I get excited and reach out my hand wanting to be carried or crawl happily towards them.
I am eating a lot more solid foods about three times a day. My appetite is so good, I can finish whatever that comes into my mouth.
So far, I have eaten:
Brown rice cereals
Oats cereals
Fish porridge with vegetables
Vegetables like broccoli and spinach
Fruits like
Drink barley water

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