Home Sweet Home

Finally we are going back to Singapore after spending a few days in Bejing. Hmm … where are we going for dinner before leaving for the airport. We decided to go to a restaurant nearby our hotel.

The table setting
This dish is like our roti prata and taste like one but in a shredded form.
Claypot chicken. This dish is tasty however it is mainly bones not much meat.
Pork dumpling, juicy and tasty.

After dinner, we went back to the hotel to do some final packing and took a cab straight to the airport.

Entrance to the airport lounge
Interior of the lounge
Food and drinks at the lounge
We have to choose a midnight flight back as the flights at other time slots are full. Usually we can’t really sleep taking the midnight flight so it can be tiring when we reach home early in the morning. We end our Beijing food adventure with our meals on the flight as ours is a midnight flight, we only have one meal. It is either we eat now when we board the plane or two hours before arrival. We chose to eat two hours before we reach Singapore.
 Masala Tea, one of Mummy’s favourite teas.
A bowl of fruits
Daddy’s choice, American breakfast
Mummy’s choice, a bowl of La Mien

Home sweet home …

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