Global launch of DreamWorks Koukou; DreamWorks in Singapore

DreamWorks KouKou CapitaLand Malls

DreamWorks fans rejoice!

Singapore is the first country to host the global launch of DreamWorks Koukou; DreamWorks’ most iconic 3D animated characters coming together in a dumpling form known as KouKou (pronounced “KoKo”, derived from the Chinese word for mouth or bite “KOU”, written as ”口”).

There is no other city in the world that has held an interactive DreamWorks experience of such scale. Fans can look forward to the world’s first DreamWorks KouKou festival taking place from 1 March – 1 April 2018 through CapitaLand Malls. 

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DreamWorks KouKou CapitaLand Malls 2

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During the media preview held today, we started off with an adventure and join Shrek and Puss in Boots to set a new record in the Singapore Book of Records for the largest tea mosaic of Shrek at Raffles City. Tea mosaic of Shrek is created with 3,640 cups of matcha which is a new record for the largest tea mosaic in Singapore.

The DreamWorks KouKou festival, titled ‘Savour Koulicious delights at CapitaLand malls’, kicked off today at Raffles City Singapore and Plaza Singapura. Six DreamWorks mascots Shrek, Alex, Po, Mei Mei, Skipper and Puss in Boots made a rare appearance during the launch event this is their first time in Singapore malls. 

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Next we hopped on an open-top bus tour to join the parade of the DreamWorks characters from Raffles City to Plaza Singapura through the heart of Orchard Road. Skipper was onboard the bus headed for Plaza Singapura to join excited fans in the unveiling of one-metretall DreamWorks KouKou inflatables featuring Po, Mei Mei, Alex and Shrek.

DreamWorks KouKou CapitaLand Malls 6

More than 250 people took part in the global launch on 1 March. The six characters hosted include Po and Mei Mei from Kung Fu Panda, Shrek and Puss in Boots from Shrek, and Alex and Skipper from Madagascar. 

Ms Teresa Teow, Head of Retail Management, Singapore, CapitaLand Retail, shared that “At CapitaLand, we aim to provide quality and unique experiences in our malls that create special and unforgettable moments for our shoppers. Universal Pictures is behind some of the bestselling animated features of all time, helping families to dream and laugh together over the years with characters that are distinctive, relatable and humorous. We are thus delighted to partner with Universal Pictures in the global launch of DreamWorks KouKou. We are confident that this large-scale interactive DreamWorks KouKou showcase at CapitaLand malls will serve up a ‘delectable’ treat for our shoppers.”

Look out for the Drone flight of the fun-loving DreamWorks KouKou characters in a world of larger-than-life Koulicious foodscapes at Plaza Singapura. Take on the KouKou Drone Dash challenge at Plaza Singapura, Lot One Shoppers’ Mall and JCube and you may just emerge as the ultimate drone Kou-mander with the fastest timing. To get started, fly DreamWorks KouKou characters on drones through the world of savoury dim sum delights (Plaza Singapura and Lot One) or a sugar Kou-ted adventure of sweet treats (JCube). The top participant with the fastest timing for each day wins a pair of Universal Studios Singapore tickets. Daily top participants will be invited to take part in the drone flying finals to be held in JCube. Six winners at the finals will each walk away with the grand prize of a DJI Mavic Air Fly More Combo.  

For an immersive offline-and-online experience, shoppers can use the DreamWorks KouKou App2 at Lot One, The Star Vista and Bukit Panjang Plaza to interact with KouKou characters in augmented reality. Shoppers can also win $100 CapitaVoucher by participating in the Koumazing race at IMM, JCube and Westgate using the chatbot in the CapitaStar app2 over the weekend of 17 and 18 March.

CapitaLand DreamWorks KouKou Mall

Shoppers who take part in the festivities across 15 participating malls island-wide will find themselves transported to a world of larger-than-life foodscapes where they can interact with DreamWorks KouKou characters in a series of adventures. These include KouKou Drone Dash, Koulicious local specialty food maze, Lo-Koulicious inflatable obstacle course, Golf Kou-rse Diner, Kou and Arrow, and Kou-nichiwa food art.

Get active with DreamWorks KouKou

Go on a guilt-free food adventure in a series of sports-themed missions across eight malls! Shoppers can challenge themselves in the Golf Kou-rse Diner at Tampines Mall and IMM, or test their archery skills in the Kou and Arrow Food Hunt at Bedok Mall and Westgate. For alternative ways to get your heart pumping, try the Lo-Koulicious inflatable obstacle course at Bukit Panjang Plaza and Junction 8, where shoppers can take part in a runny egg run, climb stackable kopi cups or joust on Singapore’s favourite butter toast. Shoppers can also immerse themselves in a maze of local delights and hunt for hidden tokens at SingPost Centre and The Star Vista.

Dine at the DreamWorks KouKou pop-up café

Experience ‘Koulicious Delights’ at the DreamWorks KouKou pop-up café that offers a delectable array of dishes, styled in the likes of popular DreamWorks KouKou characters. Starting from 3 March, the 50-seater café can be found exclusively at Bugis+ Level 5. Shoppers who take part in the DreamWorks KouKou festivities at participating malls stand to win vouchers to dine at this one-of-a-kind café.

Collect exclusive bite-sized buddies

CapitaStar members can redeem exclusive DreamWorks KouKou plush cushions with a daily minimum spend of S$1803 at participating malls. American Express® CapitaCard members need only charge a minimum spend of S$160 to their card to redeem one. The DreamWorks KouKou plush cushions comprise eight characters – Po, Poppy, Skipper, Alex, Shrek, Gingy, Mort and Toothless. Stay tuned to collect them all as two characters will be released every week from 1 March to 1 April.

Shoppers who redeem a plush cushion and take part in any of the Koulicious adventures will qualify for the grand draw to win a trip for two to Los Angeles via United Airlines non-stop flights, inclusive of complimentary hotel accommodation and tickets to Universal Studios Hollywood. Two sets of grand prizes are up for grabs.

In addition, shoppers can get their hands on adorable DreamWorks KouKou merchandise, which are available for the first time in participating malls from 1 March.

For the full list of #Koulicious adventures taking place at CapitaLand malls from 1 March to 1 April 2018, please visit

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