{Giveaway Closed and Winners Announcement} LEGO NEXO KNIGHTS have arrived in Singapore and Giveaway!


{Products Review and Giveaway Alert [Closed]} LEGO NEXO KNIGHTS have arrived in Singapore and Giveaway!

Calling all LEGO fans!

Come 2016 and it is exciting to know that the new LEGO Nexo Knights have been officially launched this month. It has recently been awarded ‘Toy of the Show’ by editors at Toy Fair 2016 in London, United Kingdom and also acknowledged by majority of the LEGO fans as one of the LEGO sets that you will want to have this year! 

LEGO Nexo Knights combines the best of the medieval ages with a futuristic world for a truly imaginative play experience that the whole family can enjoy playing and building the pieces together. 

LEGO Nexo Knights 5

Lego Nexo Knights, the story is set in the futuristic, high-tech world of the Kingdom of Knighton. It follows five young knights – Clay, Macy, Lance, Aaron and Axl in their quest to battle Jestro, his sidekick, the Book of Monsters, and their Lava Monster Army. 

LEGO Nexo Knights 2

LEGO Nexo Knights 3

LEGO Nexo Knights 4

We get our hands on building LEGO Nexo Knights The Fortrex which is a huge 2-in-1 rolling castle! There are 6 packets of LEGO pieces, a detailed step-by-step instruction manual and stickers, recommended for age 9 to 14 years old. 

LEGO Nexo Knights 6

LEGO fans will be thrilled to know that you can have more fun and increase your building pleasure playing with Nexo Knights by downloading a free app game, MERLOK 2.0 app game on iTunes and Google Play where you can download over 150 unique LEGO Nexo Knights powers by scanning special codes. 

LEGO Nexo Knights 7

If you like more challenges, you can get LEGO Nexo Knights The Fortrex, which is a feature-packed battle station headquarters. It also comes with 7 minifigures: Clay Moorington, Aaron Fox, Axl, Chef Eclair, Ash Attacker and 2 Scurriers.

We spend several enjoyable and challenging hours building the whole set. It is not that difficult building the set by following the detailed instruction manual. Throughout the process, it is incredibly satisfying to see the pieces formed into its final stage. We have fun playing with many of the functional moving parts like the laser cannon stud shooters and the drawbridge.

LEGO Nexo Knights sets are available at LEGO Certified Stores (LCS), Toys ‘R’ Us, LEGO Monobrand Stores, departmental stores and select toy stores from now onwards, prices range from $19.90 to $179.90.


Here comes the exciting part, we hear you! Now is the opportunity to get your hands on the latest LEGO Nexo Knights sets and start building up your collection of these fantastic toys.

We are giving away 10 sets of LEGO Nexo Knights (5 sets x 2) for TWO lucky winners. Each winner will receive a total of 5 sets of LEGO Nexo Knights, total value of the 5 sets is $99.50.

LEGO Nexo Knights sets to be given away are:


LEGO Nexo Knight – Ultimate Clay*

Enter battle with Ultimate Clay, featuring Sword Tornado blades and 3 scannable NEXO Powers! Includes a minifigure.


LEGO Nexo Knight – Ultimate Macy*

Summon a powerful downpour with Ultimate Macy and her 6-stud shooter in this fun set, including scannable shields for unique NEXO Powers. Includes a minifigure.


LEGO Nexo Knight – Ultimate Aaron*

Watch Ultimate Aaron hit his target square on every time with this hilarious set, including scannable shields for unique NEXO Powers. Includes a minifigure.


LEGO Nexo Knight – Ultimate Beast Master*

Explode into action with Ultimate Beast Master, featuring Globlin weapons, and bring NEXO Powers to life in the app game. Includes a minifigure.


LEGO Nexo Knight – Ultimate Robin*

Ultimate Robin merges live-action play with 3 scannable shields to obtain unique NEXO Powers for digital gaming. Weapons include 2 spring-loaded shooters with an extra missile, and a sword.

Here’s how to enter the giveaway:  

1) Like Our Parenting World Facebook (<– Please click the link provided to go directly into Facebook)

2) Like and Share Our Parenting World Facebook Post on LEGO NEXO KNIGHTS Giveaway  (<– Please click the link provided to go directly into Facebook Post)

3) Comment on this website post below “Who is your favourite LEGO Nexo Knights and why?”

(Hint: Answers of some of the LEGO Nexo Knights are at *, you can give the name of your favourite Nexo Knight and the reason why it is your favourite)

Hurry, giveaway will close on 17 April 2016 at 23:59Hr. Winners will be announced through Website and Facebook. 

Please ensure that Step 1, 2 and 3 are completed in order to qualify for the giveaway. Entries will be verified by the Organisers. 

This giveaway is only for fans of Our Parenting World (OPW). The LEGO sets are proudly sponsored by LEGO Singapore. 

Thank you and Good Luck! 

{Giveaway Closed and Winners Announcement} – Updated on 21 April 2016

Dear Valued Friends and Readers,

Thank you so much for your participation in the giveaway by LEGO Singapore.

Drumroll … the 2 lucky winners have been randomly chosen by the organisers to win FIVE sets of LEGO Nexo Knights (worth $99.50) and we are pleased to announce the 2 lucky winners:

1) Evette Looi

2) Katherine Heng

Congratulations! Please also refer to Our Parenting World Facebook announcement. We will be contacting you shortly on your prize collection.

Thank you to our kind sponsors, LEGO Singapore for the fabulous prizes for our readers.

Thank you to each and every one of you, please stay tuned to our coming giveaways! 🙂


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  1. My favorite and my gals favorite is LEGO Nexo Knight – Ultimate Macy. We love female Knights! She has 6-stud shooter in this fun set, including scannable shields for unique NEXO Powers!

  2. Would love to win this for my autistic girl ! This can train her fine motor skills and pretend play as well!! Thank you!!

  3. My favourite is Ultimate Macy …she is awesome with her 6 stud shooter and shield which can win on every battle ..

  4. Caroline Kong on

    Ultimate Macy, my gal keeps saying she is so cool and she hope can become like her some day. Kids..haa

  5. My favourite is Ultimate AARON. He looks so powerful in his green suit and shields. My son is also named Aaron.

  6. Tan Ruoling Joanna on

    LEGO Nexo Knight – Ultimate Beast Master! He looks bad! And I like bad! He looks really tough too! My boy love him too

  7. My Pi boy’s favourite LEGO Nexo Knight is Ultimate Robin as it has robotic ultra armor in a class of its own and can change its impressive spring-loaded shooter into robot legs to grow tall!

  8. My favourite is Aaron because he’s so cool and fun loving. I also love his green armour and banana shooter.

  9. LEGO Nexo Knight – Ultimate Robin*
    Bcuz Isaac likes his Weapons… the spring-loaded shooters with an extra missile, and e sword.. Ultimate Robin is super cool in his own way! Much cooler than Clay.. (Isaac’s thought)

  10. My son favourite LEGO Nexo Knight – Ultimate Clay*, he love it so much with the cool weapons. Hope he can win it! Thank you.

  11. Ultimate Macy is my favourite.
    Although she is the Princess of the realm, she is hands-on, resilient and fought valiantly to protect her people. A great female role model for my boys ! (and so that I can have an awesome girl minifigure character to play LEGO NEXO KNIGHTS with my boys. :))

  12. hmm…seriously I have favourite neither but the kids like them and my girl especially loves the Ultimate Macy and thinks that she is pretty cool 🙂

  13. Ultimate macy! My boy loves her too! Female knight! Cool & awesome, especially hw she protects the people.


  14. Lee Tong Phong on

    LEGO Nexo Knights Ultimate Aaron is my favourite because he can attack enemies from great distances with banana bombs!

  15. My favourite is Ultimate Macy because as a fellow female I’m really proud that she is representing all of us and her skill of summoning downpours is really important especially in the current hot and hazy climate! Liked and shared 🙂

  16. ashmika jain on

    LEGO Nexo Knight..Ultimate Aaron for being brave & strong still holding his smile .. He looks cool with his smile on that’s what my daughter loved about him..

  17. Yeong Beng Tan on

    Ultimate Robin is my favourite because he has a 2 spring loaded shooters and missle, plus a sword

  18. I like Ultimate Aaron because he always hit his target square and he has scannable shields for special NEXO power

  19. I like all Lego Sets, but this one is my going to be my favorite as I like Volcanoes and Lava.
    Ultimate Aaron is very cool… His Armour is green which is my favorite color…
    I will be thrilled if I win this set…

  20. Our favourite LEGO Nexo Knight is Lance because we love his Turbo Jouster that can go fast fast fast! Best of all the Jouster can transform into a powerful horse that can charge on those horrible Magma Monsters. If they can avoid the horse, they might not be able to dodge the lance or the twin missiles that can be launched from Mecha Horse’s side. And with Merlok 2.0 giving Lance a Tractor Beam shield that can lift the enemy’s weapon out of their reach, the Knights are going to win this battle! 🙂

    Hoping to win this set for my knight in shining armour- my son 🙂

    FB: Ester Em

  21. we all love LEGO Nexo Knights – Ultimate Macy because it has awesome 6-stud shooter and my fav colour RED

  22. My favourite LEGO Nexo knight is Ultimate Aaron! Other than us having the same name, my favourite choice of weapon of mass destruction is bow and arrows! (what a coincidence!) Since young, I have been very fascinated with this weapon and whenever I played any computer games, my character is always a bow welding hero. Although I may have broke countless bows during my childhood, I’ll be sure to keep this set safe from harm, on a pedestal showcase, at least. Because now, I can truly play as “myself”, on LEGO adventures! XOXO

  23. Leong Yee Ming on

    My favourite LEGO Nexo knight is Ultimate Aaron because he has Hover shield-riding and bow shooting skills which I think is very cool!

  24. Lee Tong Mui on

    I love LEGO Nexo Knights Ultimate Robin because he can transform the ultra armour’s spring-loaded shooters into robot legs.

  25. Lee Tong Yong on

    My favourite LEGO Nexo Knights is Ultimate Clay because he can blow enemies away with Ultimate Clay’s Sword Tornado blades and sword. This is also my nephew’s favourite and through him, I learn to know this Lego Nexo Knights.

  26. Lee Xin Rong on

    I like LEGO Nexo Knights Ultimate Aaron because he can defeat enemies in one stroke with the awesome Target Blaster Nexo Power.

  27. Felicia Leong on

    We love the Ultimate Aaron because it has this unique and strong Targey Blaster Nexo Power, that can defeat and protect !

  28. Ultimate Robin as he has 2 spring-loaded shooters with an extra missile which my boys love! Not forgetting the 3 scannable shields to obtain unique NEXO power for digital gaming!

  29. My kids simply adore Ultimate Clay, he is an ultra cool fighter with his Tornado blades. Hope we can win the LEGO sets, thanks 🙂

  30. My kids love all the Nexo Knights but if we have to pick a favourite one, it has to be Ultimate Clay who is the main character with his formidable blades and sword to blow the enemies away. Awesome!

  31. Ultimate Clay. My 6-yo boy is so fantasized about medieval and technology. He cannot believe that it is possible to have high-technology features like flying with blades during medieval age. LOL

  32. My favourite LEGO Nexo Knights is ‘LEGO Nexo Knight – Ultimate Macy’ because her 6-stud shooter and scannable shields for unique NEXO Powers 🙂

  33. LEGO Nexo Knight – Ultimate Clay*

    My eight year boy thinks the Knight looks incredible! He loves the tornado shield and the awesome looking armour.

  34. I love them all especially Ultimate Aaron. I find him really cool as he can defeat the enemies in one stroke with its target blaster and love his banana bombs.
    It’s definitely the best gift for my son’s birthday.

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