Friendly Soccer Match

Gor Gor’s school organised a friendly soccer match with another Primary school and he is so excited to be part of his school soccer team.

Gor Gor having a drink before the match
Coach having a briefing with the boys before the match. The boys are so excited!
Gor Gor chit chatting with his friends before the match.
The time has come, Gor Gor’s team getting ready!
Gor Gor and his friend smiling at Mummy who is so busy taking pictures. 

The boys are moving on to the open field together with all the doting parents.

Wah! … Gor Gor face off with his opponents

What a day, Gor Gor is having so much fun that he is looking forward to the next soccer match.

Look! Di Di also wants to play soccer when he grows up. He is training to be a goalkeeper.

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