Excursion at Marina Barrage

Marina barrage 1

Di Di’s school brought the children out for excursion and each time the school has excursion, Di Di and his friends will be so excited. 

Marina barrage 2

“Our teachers brought us to Marina Barrage to appreciate Singapore’s downtown skyline and also try our hands at kite-flying.”

Built across the mouth of the Marina Channel, the Marina Barrage creates Singapore’s 15th reservoir and the first across the heart of the city. The children will spend some time on the Barrage’s rooftop to appreciate Singapore’s downtown skyline, try their hands at kite-flying with the help of the teachers followed by some art activities and a picnic under the shaded area of the central courtyard. 

Marina barrage 3

Di Di working hard on the activity worksheet. 

Marina barrage 5

“We are taking a break now. My friends must be really thirsty after all the activities, they immediately took out their water bottles and started drinking.”

Marina barrage 6

Group photo of Di Di and his friends. 

Marina barrage 6

All the photos were lovingly taken by the teachers. Thank you teachers for bringing the children out for excursion and giving them a wonderful time! 

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