Di Di’s lovely encounter

Daddy brought Gor Gor and Di Di for a hair cut doing the National Day holidays. While Gor Gor was having his hair cut, Di Di cried. An elder lady who was behind the queue went to a nearby shop to buy a nice “Angry Bird” purse and gave it to Di Di to distract him. Di Di was very happy with the surprised gift.

“Your son is very intelligent, he has this prominent frontal lobe”, she said. Frontal lobe is the part of the brain which is at the front part of our forehead. Di Di’s forehead is quite prominent and thus the lady commented on this. The function of frontal lobe is to perform intelligent activities like solving mathematics, memory, making decision etc.
Thanks to this lovely lady who so generously bought Di Di a gift and for praising him. Your words have brighten our day! 

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