Di Di’s most favourites

This picture captures Di Di’s two most favourites. One is water fountain. Di Di is very excited to see water fountain and Daddy and Mummy will bring him around Singapore to look for exciting water fountain for him to see. This picture is taken at Suntec City Mall basement, which has one of the largest water fountains in Singapore.
The other favourite for Di Di is of course, Mummy !
Mummy says Di Di is like a “sticky mango rice” because he sticks to Mummy all the time.

I believe most mummies have this experience, Di Di is really sticky since baby. Whenever I come home, he may be laying down, playing with our helper or doing something else, once he sees me, his eyes will light up, drop everything aside and quickly crawl to me squeaking with excitement. Now that he is walking, he will stand up and walk to me excitedly flapping his arms wanting me to carry him.
How sweet :)

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