Di Di’s many first time at rock climbing venue with Gor Gor

What about Di Di? What was he doing when Gor Gor was doing the rock climbing at Beyond Academics.

It was Gor Gor first time doing rock climbing. Di Di was also having his first time.

First time riding a skater. Wee … I am riding a skater.
First time riding a bicycle.
First time riding a scooter.

Hello, you want to ride with me?

Di Di having fun making friends and playing with all the toys.

Di Di is 20 months already and he has started full day school. Another first for Di Di, going to school.

As Di Di grows up, it is really touching seeing his every little actions, he is always very excited to see Gor Gor. He will rush to the door when he hears Gor Gor’s school bus. He will flap and wave his arms excitedly and shrieked with delight, Gor Gor! Gor Gor! when he knows his Gor Gor is back. 

If we bring Gor Gor out and when Gor Gor comes back, the first person to greet him enthusiastically will be Di Di. He will jump, flap and wave his arms excitedly to see his older brother. He will follow Gor Gor around and I hope they will be even closer as they grow up.

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