Di Di’s haircut

Di Di has his haircut before Chinese New Year, at Junior League outlet in Bishan Junction 8. Look at him smiling before the haircut.
The hairstylist is quite experienced in handling young toddlers. The haircut took about 10 minutes and she even colours his hair. Look how macho Di Di looks like after the haircut. If you are looking for a place for children’s haircut, you can try Junior League. They have quite a few branches all over Singapore.
For Di Di, we prefer to bring him to a shop like Little League which specialises in toddlers and children haircut instead of the adult hair salon as the staff are more experienced in handling the younger children. Their prices are more expensive, $20 compared to the usual $10 express haircut at the adults salons.

This is Di Di after the haircut, he looks so different now.

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