Di Di and his new car seat

Di Di says, medical part is contributed by Daddy.
My Daddy is very careful. He said I must seat in the toddler car seat and not seat on Mummy’s lap for safety reason. In fact Daddy said from 2012 onwards, it is compulsory under the traffic regulation in Singapore to have children seating in the proper type of children seat for safety reason.
When I first sat on the car seat, I was not very pleased because I missed seating on Mummy’s lap.

After a few rides, I began to enjoy seating on my own car seat and I am smiling now. By the way, my car seat is rear facing compared to the other seats which are front facing. My Daddy said infants and young toddlers should have rear facing seats as they are safer than front facing seats. This is because infants and toddlers do not have strong neck muscle and they would suffer more severe injury if the seats are front facing. In a frontal collision (which is the most common type of collision), even with the seatbelt restraints, during the collision, the head will move forward at a high speed before the seatbeat restrains the body and stop head movement. 
 I hope I get to grow up soon and graduate to front facing seats soon to enjoy the views better.

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