Daddy’s is an invited speaker for Cancer symposium

This year Singapore Medical Association invited daddy to be one of the key speakers for their public symposium, held at Suntec City Convention centre, Singapore.
Daddy is one of the top vaccine experts in Singapore and in this symposium, he delivered a lecture on some of the vaccines which could prevent cancer.
Currently there are two “cancer prevention vaccines”. One is hepatitis B vaccine which all children in Singapore and Malaysia are routinely vaccinated at birth. This vaccine helps to prevent the deadly hepatitis B virus infection which in turn could cause liver cancer.
Another new vaccine which was introduced in the market recently is the cervical cancer vaccine. This vaccine is for ladies from secondary school onwards. The vaccine works by preventing HPV virus infection which in turn could cause cervical cancer in females. Cervical cancer is one of the top female cancers in the world.


Daddy on the expert panel with another two medical experts during the question and answer session

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