The River of Life Exhibition at Gardens by the Bay


River of Life is a Gardens by the Bay exhibition that illustrates the importance of a clean water system for the conservation and protection of a biodiversity-rich environment. Supported by ExxonMobil, with contributions from schools and individuals from the community, this exhibition shares the message of environmental sustainability and commemorates the United Nations International Year of Water Cooperation.

We decided to bring Gor Gor and Di Di to River of Life exhibition to educate them on the importance of conservation and protecting our environment.

Here are some of the highlights of the visit:







The whole exhibition is mostly made of recycled materials and jointly put together with the effort from various schools and community groups. This is a meaningful project as it aims to promote the creativity of the younger generations. It also supports art education for our local youths.

Gor Gor and Di Di are so amazed with the various artwork put together in the exhibition. They find them so colorful and beautiful. 


You will also get a hands-on experience to make lotus flowers for the river with recycled material. Gor Gor and Di Di can’t wait to make their own lotus flowers.


Once Gor Gor and Di Di have finished folding the lotus flowers, they will place their flowers in the “river”. 


Our Parenting World would like to thank the kind and lovely volunteers at the exhibition for showing us around and teaching the children how to fold the lotus flowers and also to the organisers and team of Gardens by the Bay for inviting us to this meaningful exhibition.

There will also be a series of complementary educational programmes such as The Fruit Loop Scavenger Hunt & Carried Away Garden Trail (4 – 6 Oct from 10AM-4PM) and The River of Life Gaia Trail (4 Oct – 30 Nov from 9AM – 9PM) running in conjunction with the exhibition that you and your kids can participate in.

River of Life Exhibition
4 October  – 30 November 2013
9:00AM – 9:00PM
Gallery (Beside Cloud Forest entrance)


Gor Gor presenting his story at Esplanade Octoburst 2013


Gor Gor’s story was chosen to be presented at Esplanade, theatres on the bay, Singapore for its Octoburst 2013 in celebration of Children’s Day.

He will be presenting his story at “I Have A Story!” segment of Esplanade Octoburst 2013. 


The helpful staff putting on the portable mike on Gor Gor. 


Gor Gor getting ready to present his story. This is the first time Gor Gor presented his story all by himself in front of an audience. 


The title of Gor Gor’s story is “A Boy Who Wanted to Be a Superhero!” It is about an ordinary boy who aspires to be a superhero. 


We are very proud of Gor Gor for writing the story and having the confidence to present his story in front of an audience. This is the first for Gor Gor and you have done us proud!

Here we would like to express our thanks to the lovely Esplanade and all its dedicated staff for inviting Gor Gor to Esplanade. We are very honored that Gor Gor’s story is chosen and given an opportunity to present his story.

Please go to Esplanade, theatres of the bay, Singapore to find out more about its programmes and activities. 


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