Bio-Oil – All the Hydration your Summer Skin Needs!


Product Listing: Bio-Oil – All the Hydration your Summer Skin Needs!

On summer vacations, all you want to do is hit the beach and enjoy the sun, sand, and sea. It is easy to forget practicing proper summer care. Here’s how you can incorporate Bio-Oil into your holiday to ensure a fuss-free time.

Uneven Tanning

Creating a nice, even tan is not as easy as just applying sun tanning lotion. If the damage has been done, apply Bio-Oil to improve the appearance of uneven skin tone. Vitamin A in the formulation will improve the skin’s elasticity, texture and tone. Bio-Oil has also been clinically proven to improve the appearance of uneven skin tone and mottled pigmentation in ageing skin. (Stephens USA, 2011)

Bio-Oil Hydration for your Summer Skin Needs

Day out in the Sun

Constant exposure to the sun results in dry skin, or even getting sunburnt. Apply Bio-Oil to soothe the burnt area and prevent skin from peeling. Calendula oil, a natural oxidant found in the formulation will help repair damaged skin through clarifying and stimulating growth of new skin cells.

Fun in the Water

Prevent frizziness and hair damage by protecting your strands with Bio-Oil. The oil coats your hair and prevents unwanted chemicals from penetrating the shaft. This keeps your hair protected and hydrated at the same time through Vitamin E found in the formulation of Bio-Oil. A clinical study by proDerm Institute for Applied Dermatological Research observed that skin hydration improved 2 hours after applying Bio-Oil.

Every Day is Spa Day

A spa is sometimes the destination. Bring that everywhere with you in a bottle of Bio-Oil. Simply add a few drops into your tub for a luxurious bath experience. Bio-Oil’s combination of Calendula, Lavender, Rosemary, and Chamomile oils will create a calming atmosphere. Your skin will also feel more nourished and smooth once out of the tub.

For Minor Boo-boos

Minor accidents tend to occur when in a foreign location. To prevent persisting scars, Bio-Oil is a solution. However, it is advisable not to apply Bio-Oil on broken skin and only to apply once the wound has healed for better results. During a 10-week experiment done in Peking, result shows 84% of subjects presented an improvement in the overall condition of their scars.

Bio-Oil Hydration

All the above images credited to Bio-Oil

Moisturise Everywhere

Overexposing your hands and toes to the sun or water will make them dry and wrinkled. To prevent peeling cuticles, apply Bio-Oil as a means of moisturisation. It is highly effective for hydrating skin and any dry spots. Vitamin A and Calendula Oil will help to smoothen the skin texture as well as stimulate growth of new skin cells allowing your skin to be rejuvenated after a day out in the water.

It is a norm to pack light and a hassle to bring different products while on a holiday just so you can continue your skin care regime. Going on a summer vacation especially means staying under the sun for long hours. This makes it easier for your skin to get dehydrated albeit applying sunscreen lotion to protect your skin from UV rays. Massaging your face with Bio-Oil at the end of the day will help to ensure your skin gets back its moisture with the Vitamin E and Calendula Oil in its formulation. This way, your skin will remain hydrated no matter how far away you go for a summer vacation.

Bio-Oil is effective as a daily moisturizer for the face and body. It works to replenish the skin’s natural oil stripped away by factors such as extreme weather, frequent bathing and the drying effects of air conditioning. So simply slather Bio-Oil over your face and body for radiant skin. Recent clinical trials showed that applying Bio-Oil with its combination of PurCellin Oil™, vitamins and plant extracts nourishes the skin’s natural oil layer, restoring the barrier function and preventing water loss. It also helps moisturise, smooth and soften skin, improving its suppleness, texture and tone. Applying twice daily and in circular motion is effective for best results. (MEDUNSA, 2011)

It’s summer time!

Remember to incorporate Bio-Oil into your holiday to keep your skin hydrated! Whether you’re having a day out in the sun or a chilly trip down-under, it’s important to protect your skin and prevent it from peeling and being wrinkled.

We should never forget to moisture our skin and it is very easy to pack for a trip, just bring one product the travel-size Bio-Oil (60ml) for everything – from moisturising your skin to removing your make-up at night, this product packs a bunch. The goodness of Vitamin E and Calendula Oil in its formulation can be easily absorbed into the skin to ensure the skin gets rejuvenated for another fun day under the sun! 

Bio-Oil can be found at all leading pharmacies, personal care stores and selected hospitals and is retailing at:

Bio-Oil 60ml, S$15.50

Bio-Oil 125ml S$25.90

Bio-Oil 200ml, S$35.90

For more information, visit’s National Survey Reveals Top 5 Local Companies Singaporeans Aspire To Work For


Image credited to From front left Shell, Procter & Gamber, Changi Airport Group, Chew Siew Mee (’s Country Sales Manager of Singapore), DBS Bank, Capita Land. From back left Exxon Mobil, Facebook, ST Engineering, Singapore

Our Parenting World (OPW) is pleased to announce that, a leading online employment marketplace in Singapore, has revealed the top 5 local companies Singaporeans aspire to work for, alongside with its annual Top Companies Award ceremony held yesterday at Raffles City Convention Centre. 

Top 3 factors that make companies attractive to talents

According to’s 2016 Job Happiness Index, more than half of Singaporean employees are unhappy at work. Such sentiments eventually lead to short job tenures and high turnover rate. Hence, it is crucial to identify Singaporean candidates’ needs and understand their reasons for joining a company.

The “Top Companies of the Year” survey has gathered insights on the factors that employees consider when choosing a company. They are:

  1. Career development opportunities; basic salary;
  2. Calibre of management and leadership team;
  3. Work environment as well as culture.

Singaporean employees are well educated and discerning, and they want to ensure that as they chart new life milestones, their careers advance as well. They want to feel that their work is impactful and meaningful, and they achieve this by taking on more responsibilities. This is especially true for millennials. With the high costs of living in Singapore, it is understandable that employees want a basic salary commensurate with their qualifications.

In recent years, more and more local companies put in extra efforts to develop and further strengthen their human resource strategies.

Top 5 Local Companies’ ranking as per below:
1) Singapore Airlines
2) Changi Airport Group
3) DBS Bank
4) Capitaland
5) Singapore Technologies Engineering Ltd. 

Finally, as evident by the success stories of Singapore Airlines, Changi Airport Group and DBS Bank, talents look for strong leadership. They want to work for management teams that can help them soar higher, and they want to be associated with reputable brands.

The ranking for’s Top Companies Awards 2017 is as per below:

1) Google
2) Facebook
3) Apple
4) Singapore Airlines
5) Microsoft
6) Shell
7) Changi Airport Group
8) ExxonMobil
9) Procter & Gamble; DBS Bank
10) IBM

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