Ahoy, Navy! Children’s Books by the Republic of Singapore Navy and come down to SAFRA Toa Payoh to participate in RSN50 events!

Singapore Navy 50th Anniversary

Happy 50th Anniversary Singapore Navy!

To celebrate this joyous occasion, the Republic of Singapore Navy has come up with a series of public outreach events. 

Ahoy Navy by Singapore Navy 1

Our Parenting World’s little KW was at SAFRA Toa Payoh to a special preview experience of the Ahoy, Navy! storytelling session. Ahoy, Navy! is the name of the collection of four titles published to mark the RSN’s 50th anniversary.

Ahoy Navy by Singapore Navy

KW likes to listen to stories and he is thrilled to be able to participate in the storytelling session by Navy personnel, MAJ Carlin Song. 

We are happy to celebrate the Republic of Singapore Navy’s 50th Anniversary (RSN50) and this year is meaningful as we are also the official blogger for National Day Parade 2017. We are proud to celebrate and participate in our Nation’s significant birthday and our Military’s anniversaries celebrations!

Singapore Navy Book

Ahoy, Navy! is a collective title of 4 storybooks by the Navy for children aged 4 to 8 years old. The books aim to give an insight to life in the RSN and the Navy’s role in keeping Singapore’s waters safe, all written by RSN personnel. The storybooks also present an opportunity for Navy parents to share stories of their work in a fun and engaging manner. 

Papa Goes to Sea

“Papa Goes to Sea” is the first book which tells the story of young Emily and her father who goes out to sea on board a Navy frigate. 

Indy Indy Indy

The 2nd book, Indy! Indy! Indy! traces the adventures of three generations of RSN warships named RSS Independence. 

Stay tuned to the 3rd and 4th book which will be published later part of the year and we can’t wait to read them!

Both books were written by MAJ Tan Winnie who has served the Navy for 12 years and is now a Staff Officer at the Joint Operations Department. She is part of the RSN50 Publications committee and felt that a Navy story is best told by someone who is from the RSN itself. She wrote the book based on her own experience as a naval officer and taking the example of “Papa Goes to Sea” was based on her longest deployment out at sea where she spent 98 days on the RSS Formidable in 2012. The illustrations in the book were mostly developed from Navy personnel’s actual photographs.

Ahoy Navy by Singapore Navy 2

Thank you to MAJ Carlin Song for the interesting story telling session! KW enjoyed listening to him and the stories.

The books are not for sale, they will be distributed to primary schools and childcare centres later in the year and will be available at all public libraries. Do look out for them!

Come down to SAFRA Toa Payoh to celebrate and participate in RSN50’s events and you can look forward to take part in following workshops: 

RSN50 Doodle Wall and Rope-tying Workshops

Public can look forward to participate in other RSN50’s public outreach events. They are RSN50 Doodle Wall and Rope-tying Workshops.

The RSN50 Doodle Wall is an art mural with the theme “Maritime Nation, Maritime Force”. It depicts Singapore’s rich maritime heritage alongside the progress of the RSN over the past 50 years. The public will be invited to colour in the mural at selected SAFRA clubs during the June school holidays. Fringe activities include rope-tying workshops with take-home nautical souvenirs, and ‘Draw Your Dream Navy Ship’ competition that encourages the public to imagine the Navy of the future.

Participation for all activities is free!

RSN50 Doodle Wall

SAFRA Toa Payoh

13 to 26 June

Rope-tying Workshops

24 to 25 June

To find out more about SAFRA Toa Payoh, please go to http://www.safra.sg/

“RAWR! Dinosaurs Unearthed” Animatronic Dinosaur Exhibition at Plaza Singapura!

RAWR Dinosaurs Unearthed Plaza Singapura

School holidays is here! Come on down to Plaza Singapura to meet the animatronic dinosaurs at “RAWR! Dinosaurs Unearthed” at Plaza Singapura Atrium, from 27 May to 11 June 2017, between 11:00am and 8:30pm!

This is an exhibition that is not to be missed as visitors get to experience and find out more about dinosaurs that once roamed the earth over 200 million years ago. These dinosaurs are life-like that come with movement and sound effect. Many of the visitors both adults and children were seen taking pictures with these realistic dinosaurs. 

RAWR Dinosaurs Unearthed Plaza Singapura 1

At the exhibition, you can see and come up close with various life-like and fascinating dinosaurs!

RAWR Dinosaurs Unearthed Plaza Singapura 2

Look at this dinosaur! It is known as the gentle giant Mamenchisaurus, a sauropod dinosaur known for its remarkably long neck.

The Mamenchisaurus is making its first appearance in Singapore and it holds the record for having the longest neck of any creature, 17metre long, that has ever lived on earth. Catch this long neck dinosaur at Plaza Singapura now!

RAWR Dinosaurs Unearthed Plaza Singapura 3

Not forgetting the very famous fearsome T-Rex, the largest carnivore to ever live on land also at the exhibition! 

RAWR Dinosaurs Unearthed Plaza Singapura 4

At the exhibition, you will get to come up close with dinosaurs from China. Featuring Yangchuanosaurus, a predator that lived in China during the Bathonian and Callovian stages of the Middle Jurassic, the Herrerasaurus, one of the earliest dinosaur in existence), and the Omeisaurus, a herbivorous dinosaur which lived in late Jurassic China.

RAWR Dinosaurs Unearthed Plaza Singapura 5

In addition, children can look forward to participate in creative artwork at the Activity Zone. 

RAWR Dinosaurs Unearthed Plaza Singapura 6

Flying Pteranadon 

I am working on making a model of the flying Pteranodon 

RAWR Dinosaurs Unearthed Plaza Singapura 7

3D Dinosaur Mask

I am making my own Dinosaur mask! 

RAWR Dinosaurs Unearthed Plaza Singapura 10

Children get to create 3D dinosaur masks that they can wear and lift up at this activity workshop. 

RAWR Dinosaurs Unearthed Plaza Singapura 9

Light Up Dinosaurs

At this workshop, children get to work on making their own “Light Up Dinosaurs” file. They will learn all about how electrical circuits work! 

RAWR Dinosaurs Unearthed Plaza Singapura 8

I get to make the file and choose to personalise my very own dinosaur-shaped finger lights. It will light up with just a slide of my finger. So cool!

All the activity workshop, children get to work from scratch with the help of the friendly and attentive staff. Each workshop costs $5, please check with the counter staff during the day of your visit. 

RAWR Dinosaurs Unearthed Plaza Singapura 11

Another popular activity at the exhibition is Dino Gallop, tickets available at counter at $2 per ride. Please check with the counter staff during the day of your visit. 

1517 PS GSS Rawr Working File for Crop Images (P) CS6

In addition, visitors can look forward to an edutainment show about dinosaurs, “RAWR” Science Show with Jim, which is available on weekends at 1:30pm, 4:30pm and 7:30pm.

Bring your child/children to visit “RAWR! Dinosaurs Unearthed” animatronic dinosaur exhibition till 11 June 2017! 

RAWR! Dinosaurs Unearthed

Date    :  26 May to 11 June 2017
Time    : 11am – 8.30pm
Venue : Main Atrium, Level 1 

To find out more, please go to: http://www.plazasingapura.com.sg/en/deals/malls.sg.plaza-singapura.rawr-dinosaurs-unearthed/

RAWR! Dinosaurs Unearthed!” at Plaza Singapura is the 22nd event in Science Centre’s Science in the Mall series, which brings exhibits, events and workshops to malls during the school holidays. The series provides a platform for families with children to learn about science in a simple and interesting manner.

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