Baby can stand

Mummy says:
Baby can stand now by supporting himself against a stationery object like sofa and side of the bed, he likes this new action so much. However, we are so worried that he might fall down or fall backwards as his legs are not strong enough to support him. He has just turned seven months old on the 22nd.
Everyday, he will practice this new stunt of his, for example, he will crawl towards the sofa, raise his hand to use the sofa as a support to lift himself up and once he is in a standing position, he will use his legs to move slowly as if he is learning to walk. We will be right beside him in case he falls down. He gets very excited when he sees Puffy maybe he can’t wait to walk so that he can play with him and chase him round the house.
Way to go, baby, you did it again.
We are so proud of you :)

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