Asian Parenting Summit happening for the first time in Singapore on 11 June 2016

Asian Parenting Summit

{Event Listing and Giveaway by Asian Parenting Summit}

Asian Parenting Summit is the largest upcoming content-led summit covering the entire parenting life-cycle, featuring the WORLD’s most TOUTED global parenting experts speaking in Singapore for the FIRST Time — Dr Frans Plooij, Author of The Wonder Weeks concept that has sold MILLIONS of copies worldwide, and Ina May Gaskin, TED Speaker who has overseen more than 3,000 natural deliveries in the last 40 years.

The summit will cover 3 areas of the early parenting-life-cycle, targeted at 1) Pregnancy; 2) Toddlerhood (18-24mths) and 3) Pre-primary (kids ages 3-6yrs).

· Date: 11th June 2016, Saturday
· Time: Please choose your desired track – (Pregnancy Track: 1 – 6pm | Toddlerhood Track: 9am – 1pm | Pre-Primary Track: 2 – 6pm)
· Venue: The Star Theatre, The Star Performing Arts Centre  
· More information at:

Asian Parenting Summit Learning Vision Giveaway

{Giveway} Asian Parenting Summit is doing an exclusive giveaway for its Pre-Primary Track!

Want to attend the Asian Parenting Summit? LEARNING VISION is sponsoring 100 free tickets (Couple tickets) to attend. Register and you stand to get a free couple pass to enter the Asian Parenting Summit’s Pre-Primary Track!

HURRY, GET YOUR TICKETS PASSES NOW at (All attendees will get 1 goody bag
worth S$50/per couple)

Asian Parenting Summit: Pre-primary Track (2pm – 6pm)
Date: 11 June 2016, Saturday
Ticket prices: Single S$25 | Couple: S$30
More info at:

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