Three Legs Cooling Water’s brand new flavoured cooling water

Three Legs Cooling Water

In Singapore’s hot and humid climate, we constantly need to drink lots of water and keep cool. However, many may find plain water rather bland and thus do not drink enough water. It is important for our body to stay hydrated as every part of our body needs water to survive and function properly.

Our Parenting World was introduced to Three Legs Cooling Water’s brand new flavoured cooling water which consists of Lychee, Guava and Lime flavours.

About Three Legs Cooling Water, it is a traditional remedy created by Wen Ken Group. It has a long history of almost 80 years and a trusted drink containing natural minerals to help quench your thirst and relieve body heatiness. The main active ingredients in Three Legs Cooling Water are raw Gypsum Fibrosum and Calcitum.

Three Legs Cooling water is an iconic brand and has its origins in Singapore. It has now spread to all over South East Asia. 


Three Legs Cooling Water Wen Ken Group

In conjunction with its 80th anniversary celebrations, Three Legs Cooling Water has launched three new flavoured cooling waters; Lychee, Guava and Lime.

We enjoy the drink and all three flavours taste good. If you like us to pick one, we love Lychee flavour the best! Try all 3 flavours and find out for yourself, what’s your favourite? 

Lychee and Guava flavours are already out in stores. The Lime flavour was launched end of January and retails exclusively at 7-11. It is suitable for everyone of all ages and is the perfect complement to any food. 

To find out more about Three Legs Cooling Water, please click HERE. To order the cooling water, please call +65 6275 5677 or email

Additional Information: 

Three Legs Cooling Water is pleased to launch three new flavoured cooling water – lychee, guava and lime. For the first time ever, fans of the household remedy can enjoy their favourite cooling beverage with a fruity twist.

The new additions are an extended product line launched in conjunction with Wen Ken Group’s 80th anniversary celebration. First created in 1937 by the four founders of Wen Ken, Three Legs Cooling Water is a traditional remedy, containing natural minerals used to relieve body heatiness and hydrate the body.

The lychee and guava flavours were introduced last September while the lime flavour began retailing in January this year. The three new flavours contain no artificial sweeteners, and come in a new size – 320ml – for greater drinking pleasure. 

A Peter Rabbit Tale – Review

Our Parenting World Junior Reviewer, Vincent shared his review on A Peter Rabbit Tale. We have always enjoyed catching Singapore Repertory Theatre (SRT)’s and The Little Company (TLC)’s productions. We are so excited to be able to watch A Peter Rabbit Tale today! 

Siti Maznah, Joshua Gui, Benedict Hew, Yulin Ng, Yvonne Low_TLC A Peter Rabbit Tale

A Peter Rabbit Tale is adapted from the beloved children’s classic by Beatrix Potter and beautifully reimagined by Sarah Bundt.

This meaningful story focus on the value and the importance of being in a family! Love and cherish your loved ones! 

Joshua Gui_TLC A Peter Rabbit Tale_3

The story is about a rabbit named Peter, he is always up to some mischief and refuses to do housework while his sisters are busy helping around in the house. He refused to listen to his mother’s warning to stay away from Mr McGregor’s garden. One day, he decided to steal some vegetables and carrots from Mr McGregor’s garden and was almost caught by him. Fortunately, Peter managed to escape and run away. 

Joshua Gui, Yvonne Low, Yulin Ng_TLC A Peter Rabbit Tale

Peter decided to escape from home as he is afraid of what his mother will say if she knew that he went to Mr McGregor’s garden despite her warning. Along the way, he met new friends which include the Squirrels. He wanted to stay with them and be part of their family but realised that they are totally different. Squirrels love to eat nuts and Peter doesn’t.

Siti Maznah, Benedict Hew, Joshua Gui, Yulin Ng, Yvonne Low_TLC A Peter Rabbit Tale

He met a mice family that taught him how to sew to earn a living. However, he felt that they are different and he can never be part of their family. So he continued to find a family that he can stay with. 

Siti Maznah, Joshua Gui_TLC A Peter Rabbit Tale_1

He met a stylish Mr Hedgehog who runs a laundry business. Mr Hedgehog talks some sense into Peter that life at home is not so bad, his sisters are not nasty to him and mother’s nagging is because Peter’s mother loves and cares for him. Family is very important! Peter helped Mr Hedgehog to do some delivery and found out that one parcel is addressed to his home. After thinking, Peter decided to go back home. Wise decision!

Yvonne Low, Siti Mazanah, Joshua Gui, Yulin Ng, Benedict Hew_TLC A Peter Rabbit Tale

Peter realised that he missed his mother and sisters. He finds love and acceptance from his family. He realised how much his sisters and mother missed him and he felt guilty when he knew that his mother cried every night when he left. He now realised that his home is the best place and he has the responsibility to keep his home neat and tidy. He will voluntarily do the housework and keep his home clean. 

A Peter Rabbit Tale, is a lively and entertaining show. Fabulous acting by the cast consisting of Joshua Gui, Benedict Hew, Siti Maznah, Ng Yu Lin and Yvonne Low. What’s more, the story is meaningful with the emphasis on how important family is. There is no dull moments with the cast in colourful costumes playing different animals characters, singing and dancing to catchy songs. It is a show that is suitable for everyone from aged 2 years old and above.

Thumbs up for A Peter Rabbit Tale! Don’t miss it, A Peter Rabbit Tale is currently showing till Friday, 14 April 2017.

Singapore Repertory Theatre and The Little Company

Congratulations and Happy Birthday to The Little Company – Big Theatre for Little People! It’s The Little Company 15th birthday! 

We were pleasantly surprised when we stepped into Singapore Repertory Theatre, we love the lovely white and bright newly furbished lobby. 

A Peter Rabbit Tale Image

A Peter Rabbit Tale

Event Date:
Friday, 24 February – Friday, 14 April 2017

Weekends & Public Holiday : 11am & 2pm
Weekdays : 10am

KC Arts Centre – Home of SRT

Ticket Pricing
(Excludes Booking Fee)
Standard: S$28, S$25

Weekends (Sat & Public Holiday)
Standard: S$48, S$38, S$35

To purchase the tickets at SISTIC, please click HERE

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