The Manhattan FISH MARKET launches new platter Masarap Flaming Platter


{Media Invite: The Manhattan FISH MARKET launches new platter Masarap Flaming Platter}

The Manhattan FISH MARKET, a great place to have fine seafood has launched four flaming platters for a limited time till 30 November 2016. Our Parenting World team has earlier tried out the August’s Super Shiok Flaming Platter launched island-wide in celebration of Singapore’s 51st birthday. Please click HERE to read about our earlier review. 


When we sat down to order, we were served a refreshing welcome drink! That’s so thoughtful of the restaurant.


Since August onwards, The Manhattan FISH MARKET has introduced new flaming platters that are inspired by local favourites from 4 nations. These platters are Super Shiok Flaming Platter, $38.95 in August, Sawatdee Flaming Platter, $38.95 in September, Oishi Ne Flaming Platter, $59.95 and Masarap Flaming Platter $38.95. It is a good opportunity for diners to try out well-known dishes and ingredients from these four countries.



We tried out the new Flaming Platter, Masarap Flaming Platter $38.95 which is inspired by Filipino cuisine. We always enjoy dining at The Manhattan FISH MARKET, the food is good and the services is impeccable! The staff is always friendly and helpful.

When the platter was served, the food will be lightly torched to bring out its flavour and aroma. It smells so good that we can’t wait to dig into our Masarap Flaming Platter!


Filipino cuisine has been inspired and influenced by many countries like Spain, United States and Asia, that has integrated into the pre-colonial indigenous Filipino cooking practices. 

Masarap Flaming Platter consists of the following:  

1) Spicy Baked Coconut Bicol Express Seafood, it is a rich and spicy Filipino dish made of long chilies, creamy coconut sauce and with seafood. If you like rich, hot and spicy food, you should try this!

2) Braised Chicken Adobo, this flavorful braised chicken dish is popular in Philippines and now you will have the opportunity to try this classic dish.

3) Prawn Fritters are freshly deep fried till golden brown and loaded with shrimps. Prawn fritters also known as Okoy is a popular native Filipino dish originated from the province of Laguna. You can dip the fritters into the spicy seafood sauce for the added flavour! 

4) Flaming Milkfish Flakes Sisig with Capsicums & Chili padi. We like the platter especially the Flaming Milkfish Flakes Sisig with Capsicums & Chili padi, this is the first time we tried Milkfish Sisig which we find it unique. Sisig is very popular coming from Pampanga, the culinary capital of the Philippines. The fish is deliciously fried, easy to eat as the meat is deboned and flaked. It comes with generous chunks of fish meat with capsicums and chili padi and flamed to further enhance the taste. Milkfish Sisig is healthy as it is lower in fat and cholesterol. 

Masarap Flaming Platter at $38.95 is value-for-money as you can try popular Filipino dishes and treats all in one platter that the whole family and or a group of friends can share and enjoy. 


In addition, kids can look forward to enjoy Manhattan Junior Menu! 

Choose from six exciting dishes from Wacky Dory, Octo-ghetti Attack, Pirates Surf ‘n Turf, Choc-O-Pancake, Chicky Mac And Cheese, and Crabby Fish Burger. Each meal is specially handcrafted, its Manhattan Junior Menu promises to be as tasty as it is healthy, giving your children the all-important brain food that they need! Each meal comes with a choice of Orange Juice, Coke, Sprite or Iced Lemon Tea at $7.95.

The new Flaming Feast of 4 Nations are available at all The Manhattan FISH MARKET’s 15 outlets at the following locations:

1.  Bedok Point, #03-05-07/40

2.  Causeway Point, #02-34/K1

3.  Century Square, #01-31

4.  Changi City Point, #01-39/40

5.  City Square Mall, #04-12/13

6.  Hougang Mall, #04-10/10A

7.  JCube, #04-10/21

8.  Bishan Junction 8, #01-22/30

9.  Marina Square, #02-183

10. Northpoint, #02-06/07

11. Plaza Singapura, #06-07

12. Suntec City, #B1-134

13. The Star Vista, #B1-10

14. Kallang Wave Mall, #01-09

15. Jurong Point, #01-32

It will also be available at Changi Airport Terminal One from 1 September 2016 to 30 November 2016. To find out more, please click HERE

The Best of You 2016: Connecting Singaporeans through their life stories


{Event Listing: The Best of You 2016: Connecting Singaporeans through their life stories}

The Best of You seeks to bring back a more unified spirit within our communities by offering a platform for people to reflect upon their experiences, challenge stereotypes and break down barriers between communities. This social movement culminates in a special Finale Exhibition. Back for its third consecutive year, the exhibition effectively highlights personal stories from all walks of life.


“The Best of You provides a space to appreciate the people and experiences that have shaped the person that you are today. In doing so, we hope to shed light on the diversity of people and stories that make up our greater community,” said Mr Sai Tzy Horng, consultant and spokesperson for The Best of You.

Mr Sai elaborated, “We’ve received countless stories of gratitude, determination, newfound love and friendship. There were also stories of regret, redemption and loss. And these stories share a powerful theme – putting people first. These stories can persuade people to reconsider and overcome common and often cruel stereotypes of various marginalised communities. So let us appreciate people foremost for their, or rather, our shared humanity.”

After all, appreciation knows no boundaries. The Best of You reminds us that appreciation includes everyone.


Hosted by Divian Nair, the exhibition will feature written word, spoken word poetry and performances by a myriad of personalities, organisations and artists who have been inspired by the movement. Notable names include the likes of local musician.

Fathin Amira, sushi chef Kenjiro Hashida, host and actress Sharon Ismail, designer Kae Hana, jazz pianist Aya Sekine, host and children’s book author Rilla Melati Bahri, entrepreneur and actress Norfasarie, Bengali newspaper Banglar Kantha as well as non-profit organisation AIDHA.

Held at the Central Atrium of Marina Square from 1 – 7 November 2015, the free-to-enter public exhibition also showcases artworks by established and up-and-coming local and international artists, talents and personalities. As always, the spotlight will shine on the people and their heartfelt stories.

Featured submissions include:

● June, a proud and inspiring transgender woman who opened a shelter for Singapore’s transgender community;

● Ah Gong, a lively and spirited 96-year-old grandfather who challenges the stereotype of seniors;

● Helen and Serene, a story of the strong bond between a domestic helper and her Singaporean family;

● Patrick, a juvenile delinquent who turned his life around after an encounter with his school’s discipline mistress;

● Siti, co-founder of Buku Jalanan Chow Kit, an organisation that provides education to undocumented children;

● Dennis, a story of how his artistic passion shatters social stereotypes about special needs individuals;

● Phuong, a Vietnamese working in Malaysia who found familial love in a foreign country;

● Divian Nair, Ex-98.7FM Deejay, CEO of Storyteller Productions and Founder of We Are Majulah;

● Sharon Ismail, Suria and Channel 5 host and actress, senior lecturer at Ngee Ann Poly;

● Rilla Melati Bahri, Suria actress and host with over 20 years of experience and author of children’s books;

● Norfasarie, actress, entrepreneur and wife of footballer Baihakki Khaizan

● Fathin Amira Zubir, a veteran of singing competitions such as Asia’s Got Talent, The Final One and Singapore Idol;

● Kenjiro Hashida aka Chef Hatch, renowned sushi chef with more than 20 years experience in Japanese cuisine

This year will also see collaborations with various artists and organisations including:

● Aya Sekine, passionate and genre-defying musician and jazz pianist, adjunct lecturer at LASALLE College Of The Arts

● Ernest Goh, visual artist

● Charles Loh, founder of MOSSINGARDEN

● Have Halal, Will Travel, a multi-racial group of travel bloggers who seek out and highlight Muslim-friendly place around the world

● Joseph Chiang, printmaker and owner of Monster Gallery, a creative print studio

● Kae Hana, plus-size fashion designer

● Elizabeth Seah, cosplayer and owner of Haru House

● AIDHA, a non-profit organisation focused on providing financial literacy programmes for foreign domestic workers

● Banglar Kantha, Singapore-based Bengali newspaper that lends their voice to the foreign worker community

● Fictive Fingers, handprinted textile design studio

● Gunong Sayang Association, a cultural organisation promoting Peranakan cultural activities through music, drama and dance.

● Redeafination, a deaf dance crew which seeks to shed light on the deaf community in Singapore through the medium of dance

● Unseen: Constellations, a collaborative art project with seven students from Ahmad Ibrahim Secondary School who live with visual-impairment and blindness

● Yellow Ribbon Project, a programme which supports ex-offenders in their reintegration back into society

● PLove, a social enterprise seeking to empower youths with special needs through artisanal craft

Special programme highlights to further engage the public with The Best of You movement include complimentary silkscreening workshops with Joseph Chiang, printmaker and founder of Monster Gallery; leather crafting workshops with special needs youth artisans from PLove; and face mask painting workshops with Bella, face painting artist.

There are also sharing sessions by Sharon Ismail , Norfasarie and family, aspiring performers from Unseen: Constellations, migrant worker-cum-poets from Banglar Kantha, Kae Hana as well as Gunong Sayang Association.

Exhibition Details

Date: 1 – 7 November 2016 Time: 11am – 9pm,

Admission: Free entry

Venue: Marina Square, Central Atrium, 6 Raffles Boulevard, Singapore 039594


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