Celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival at Gardens by the Bay


{Media Invite and Event Highlight}

The annual Mid-Autumn Festival celebration at Gardens by the Bay has always been very popular among our local and overseas visitors. Our Parenting World team visited the beautiful Flower Dome at Gardens by the Bay where we are greeted with more than 10,000 Chrysanthemums in a myriad of colours consisting of red, gold, pink, orange, white, purple and yellow in full bloom. Looking at the crowd and from what we observed, this year, Gardens by the Bay will continue to rank as one of the most popular places to visit to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival.


The theme this year at the Flower Dome is “Celebration of Chrysanthemums”. As the name suggests, the Flower Dome is filled with Chrysanthemums, a symbolic feature in traditional Chinese art to represent the autumn season and they are among the world’s most popular flowers. There are more than 40 varieties of Chrysanthemums on display.


When you take a stroll and admire the beautiful wide varieties of Chrysanthemums, look out for the unique Spider Chrysanthemums that are specially brought to Singapore for the first time.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the beautiful Chrysanthemums in full bloom at the Flower Dome:

G5 G6 G7



In Greek language, the name “Chrysanthemum” consists of chrysos (gold) and anthemon (flower). Translated, it means “golden flowers”. The description is apt because this species of flowers is very classy and many of them are yellow in colour, almost like gold colour. Right in the middle of the Flower Dome, you can see bonsai trees which are more than 100 years old and you can also find maple trees with rich colour leaves.

The Flower Dome at the Gardens by the Bay always amazes us because of the change of their floral themes every few months. Visiting the Flower Dome is like going overseas to view different types of flowers during different season. This theme of “Celebration of Chrysanthemums” is equally exciting as the other previous themes because it is really amazing to see so many different types of chrysanthemums all display in this cool and beautiful environment. This is also a place to enjoy and relax, away from the hot and hazy climate outside.


Bring your grandparents to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival at Gardens by the Bay and enjoy SG50 Seniors Special, free admission to Flower Dome and Cloud Forest till 31 December 2015.

The “Celebration of Chrysanthemums” floral display will be on display from 24 September to 10 November 2015, from 9am in the morning to 9pm at night. There are also special promotions for admissions:

Mid-Autumn Festival 2015 Promotion for Children

From 25 September to 4 October 2015, 5pm to 9pm daily, every child who brings along a lantern* will enjoy free admission to both conservatories.

*Candles are strictly NOT allowed in the Gardens

SG50 Special – Free Admission for Seniors

In celebration of SG50, local seniors (aged 60 and above) can enjoy free entry into two conservatories. Accompanying caregivers of seniors can also enjoy 50% discount into two conservatories. Valid till 31 December 2015.


Other than the Chrysanthemums floral display at the Flower Dome, visitors will get to view more than 300 lanterns shaped like various animals and plants at the Gardens in celebration of the Mid-Autumn Festival. These lanterns are located at the outdoor area of the Gardens and no admission fee is needed. The light-up of these lanterns will be from 25 September to 4 October 2015. 

Let’s take a closer look at some of the lovely attractive lanterns that light up Gardens by the Bay:






Lanterns on display include animals, such as elephants, tigers, magnificent dinosaurs which measure up to 25m long, floating lanterns such as a majestic sea palace and dragon boats at the Dragonfly Lake and many more. These handmade lanterns are by master craftsmen from the Zigong province in Sichuan, China and will be on display around the Gardens till 4 October. Do make a trip down to Gardens soon to admire these beautiful colourful lanterns. In addition, there are cultural performances located at Supertree Groove where visitors can enjoy free nightly shows.

G16 G17

Feeling hungry and or thirsty after strolling at the Gardens, visitors can look forward to indulge in a wide range of food from local food like kueh tutu, muah chee and vadai to new favourites like fried Oreos and kebabs from more than 30 stalls at Food Street located at the Supertree Grove.

Mid-Autumn Festival @ Gardens by the Bay 2015

Date: 25 September 2015 to 4 October 2015

Time: 7pm to 11pm

Details: Free for the public

For more information, please go to  http://www.gardensbythebay.com.sg

Saturday Night Fever The Musical is back in Singapore!


{Media Invite and Musical Review}

“… Night fever, night fever.
We know how to do it.
Gimme that night fever, night fever.
We know how to show it…”

‘Night Fever’ one of the all-time favourite songs from the 70s by the Bee Gees, is the highlight of Saturday Night Fever The Musical. Audience can look forward to hear many of the popular Bee Gees songs like ‘Stayin’ Alive’, ‘You Should Be Dancing’, ‘How Deep Is Your Love’ and many more. Saturday Night Fever, the 1998 musical from West End and Broadway has revamped with new concept, screenplay and production. 

Saturday Night Fever The Musical is based on the smash hit movie of the same name. It is the first movie by a young actor named John Travolta where he first burst into prominence in 1977 and he went on to act in the equally popular movie Grease in 1978. In the 1970s, it was the decade of the two “Cool” guys, John Travolta on the movie screen and Henry Winkler starring as Fonzie on the popular TV series, Happy Days. If you want to look cool, look no further than John Travolta and Henry Winkler. Even today, forty years later, both gentlemen aged gracefully and still look good on the screen.


In the musical, the main cast for the role Tony Manero is played by Brandon Rubendall. It was a story set in Brooklyn, New York in 1976. Tony Manero, a young man loved to visit a local disco joint called 2001 Odyssey Club. At the disco, he was an amazing dancer and dancing helped him to forget about his mundane work as a paint store clerk and a family full of problems. It was at the dance floor that Tony became a legend in the disco world. Tony Manero then met Stephanie (Jenna Rubaii) who also shared Tony’s dream and together they won a dance competition that changed their lives forever.


Brandon is a great entertainer with his singing and flashy dance moves. He is charming, charismatic and looks really cool with his hairstyle, striking long-sleeve shirt, bell bottom pants of that era. He looks like the young John Travolta straight out of the movie. Jenna Rubaii shines as Stephanie, Tony’s love interest who dreams of a world that goes beyond being in Brooklyn. Throughout the musical, the audience were entertained and captivated by the vibrant and engaging cast, the dance pieces are well-choreographed and the costumes are glittering and flashy. This brings us to a journey back in time which shows us the fun days of the disco era that many of us missed in today’s digital world of handheld devices and social media.


Who can miss this trademark dance move with left hand on the hip and right hand pointing to the sky? If you are looking to indulge in catchy songs and high-energy dancing, you can find it all at Saturday Night Fever The Musical. You can learn some cool dance moves from the musical, get ready to sway your hips and dance away. 


This musical is simply awesome! Catch Saturday Night Fever The Musical from now till 4 October 2015. Don’t miss it!

Additional Information

Saturday Night Fever The Musical

Event Date:

Friday, 25 September – Sunday, 4 October 2015

Tuesday – Friday: 8pm

Saturday: 2pm & 8pm

Sunday: 1pm & 6pm


Sands Theatre, MasterCard Theatres at Marina Bay Sands

Ticket Pricing:

(Excludes Booking Fee)

VIP Reserve : S$175

A Reserve : S$145

B Reserve : S$125

C Reserve : S$105

D Reserve : S$95

Language: English

Approximately 2 hours 31 minutes
(including 15 minutes interval)

To book the tickets, please go the links below:



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