National Museum of Singapore presents Masak Masak 2015 ​


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Masak Masak 2015, a key event of the annual Children’s Season is here from now till 10 August 2015. Parents, this is one of the best places to bring your children to have an educating and fun time during the School holidays!

This year, the exhibition is made up of 10 installations which consist of six locals and 4 international, it will showcase familiar playgrounds of the past and offers a range of activities and engaging exhibits by Singapore artists Jeremy Hiah and Koeh Sia Yong and internationally renowned artists such as Mademoiselle Maurice from France and Crystal Wagner from USA and our very own Singaporean television actress, Jeanette Aw. In addition, Masak Masak 2015 will feature childhood games, interactive toys and art works by students from School of the Arts (SOTA), The National University of Singapore Division of Industrial Design and the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA) which is also NAFA first time collaborating with National Museum of Singapore for Masak Masak 2015. 


Once you stepped into the museum, you can’t help admiring the huge and colourful rainbow origami suspension by Mademoiselle Maurice.


More of Mademoiselle Maurice’s beautiful work, Spectrum of Paper which is created in response to Jeannette Aw’s latest illustrated book, Sol’s Journey. Sol is a curious young girl on a quest to find answers to her endless questions as she starts on her colourful and fantastical journey of self-discovery to find out what truly matters to her.

It is such a spectacular sight seeing all kinds of origami with big and small flowers and animals on the walls. 


Spectrum of Paper continues in Sol’s Journey where the illustrations portrays Sol holding onto a string tied to a bird in flight. 


Jeremy Hiah’s Queen of the Forest which is based on a local children’s folktale is Jeremy’s response to Jeanette Aw’s illustration of Sol exploring nature. 


The story is about a young princess who wanders away from her palace only to be tricked by spirits of a nearby forest, the show is presented with specially created puppets. The Puppetry Performance will be held on Saturday and Sunday, 30 & 31 May, 13 & 14, 20 & 21 June, 8 & 9 August at 2.30pm. The duration of each show session is 20 minutes. 


“Dancing Solar Flowers” by Alexandre Dang where it features renewable energy with art. We can’t help being attracted to the pretty dancing flowers. 

Photo Credit National Museum of Singapore

Photo Credit: National Museum of Singapore

Wanderlust by Crystal Wagner, visitors will be in awe when wandering around this enchanting forest which recreates Earth’s many glorious landscapes. Have fun, exploring and admiring this beautiful forest made up of simple materials such as crepe paper. 


Memory Stations by Koeh Sia Yong used woodblock prints to reflect Singapore’s changing geographical and social landscapes in the 1950s and 60s. The exhibit will bring you a walk down memory lane with your child and explore the intricate art of woodblock printing.


Children having fun exploring the concept of using woodblock prints through stamping at the stamping stations. 


Look out for the Playgrounds on the Lawn which is open for play every Saturday and Sunday at 10am to 12pm and 4pm to 6pm. Spot anything familiar? The very popular bouncy playgrounds are recreated to play tribute to the familiar mosaic playgrounds designed by the Housing and Development Board in the 1980s.

There are a lot more interesting exhibitions at Masak Masak 2015 where the whole family can spend an enjoyable and educating time together. There are also a range of workshops for children age four to 12 years old which include classes on Shadow Puppetry, Art Therapy and Origami. Please click HERE to find out more.

Additional Information: 

Children’s Season: Masak Masak 2015

30 May 2015 – 10 August 2015

National Museum of Singapore

Opening hours: 10am – 6pm daily

Admission is free



Photo Credit: National Museum of Singapore

{Event Highlight} – Article published on May 20 2015

Thinking of where to bring your children during the coming school holidays? 

Children’s Season at the National Museum of Singapore is back! Masak Masak 2015 ​at the National Museum of Singapore, is part of the annual Children’s Season organised by the National Heritage Board.

This year it returns with awe-inspiring festival and fun-filled exhibition to celebrate the June school holidays. Come and join in the fun as it will feature familiar playgrounds, interactive installations by Singaporean and international artists including Jeremy Hiah, Mademoiselle Maurice and Crystal Wagner.

Don’t miss the engaging performances, film screenings, and family-oriented activities as well. Let your young ones play at the museum and have fun! Suitable for children aged 3 to 7. 

Additional Information: 

Children’s Season: Masak Masak 2015

30 May 2015 – 10 August 2015

National Museum of Singapore

Opening hours: 10am – 6pm daily

Admission is free

Please click HERE to find out more.

In addition, National Museum of Singapore (NMS) has lined up a couple of special programmes targeted for children during the upcoming Children’s Season. 

Fun with Origami with Mademoiselle Maurice

Sat & Sun, 30 & 31 May at Seminar Room, Level 2

Transform a simple piece of paper into a work of art at this fun and interactive origami workshop! Get creative and be inspired by French artist Mademoiselle Maurice as she guides you and your young one in the intricate art of paper folding.

For ages 4 to 7
10.30am (1hr 30min session) | $20 per ticket (excludes booking fee)

For ages 8 to 12
1.30pm (2hr session) | $12 per ticket (excludes booking fee)

Shadow Puppetry – Let’s Play & Learn with Jeremy Hiah

Saturdays, 6, 13, 20 & 27 June, 10.30am (1hr 30min session) at Seminar Room, Level 2 $20 per ticket (excludes booking fee)

Join Singaporean artist Jeremy Hiah in this fun and interactive workshop and give your child a chance to create his or her own story using shadow puppetry! Inspired by Javanese wayang kulit, the workshop brings your child’s story to life with characters from an Asian folk tale and sheds light on the traditional art form.

Please click HERE for ticketing details.

Tickets available at SISTIC. Please click HERE to go into SISTIC. 

Joint Picture Joins Hearts: An Art Therapy Workshop

A Lighter Side of History presents Joint Picture Joins Hearts, an art therapy workshop that explores art as a form of communication. Be inspired by history and join in an afternoon of creative expression through painting and drawing with your child or grandchild. Facilitated by experienced art therapists, this workshop encourages the sharing of experiences between generations, while inculcating the importance of valuing and respecting others.

Date: 30 May (Saturday)
Time: 10am (ages 4 – 7 years old) & 12pm (ages 10 – 12 years old)
Venue: CREATE Space at PLAY@NMS
Admission: Free. Registration is required. Please email your name, contact number and number of attendees to

Plaza Singapura Unveils Largest Dinosaur Exhibit


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Mention Dinosaurs, many children and even parents are excited about all things, Dinosaurs! We can tell how popular Dinosaurs are when we were at Plaza Singapura to visit the spectacular fossil replica of one of the largest beasts ever to walk the planet for the first time in Singapore in a local mall as it was crowded with many parents and children. 

Argentinosaurus lands in Plaza Singapura - one of the largest in  the world

Photo Credit: Plaza Singapura

The June school holidays is here and from now till 14 June 2015, Plaza Singapura and the Science Centre Singapore has joined together to present “Dinosaurize Me!” which is a part of the “Science in the Mall” programme. “Dinosaurize Me!” aims to stimulate and nurture passion for scientific inquiry in both parents and their kids, encouraging them to explore the lost world of prehistoric animals. At the exhibition, you will get to meet and discover the colossal, life-sized Argentinosaurus exhibit, which measures approximately 37-metre long and 7.3-metre (nearly three storeys) tall.

That’s not all, Plaza Singapura has specially arranged dinosaur-themed craft workshops and weekend science shows for the kids to spend an educating and fun time at the mall. 


At the Sand Pit which is an exploratory 4.5-metre by 3-metre digging pit for kids to enter and uncover hidden dinosaur fossils.


At Dinosaur Fossils Crafting activity station, children learn that imprint fossils are created when organisms move. They get hands-on to learn to use clay to create these fossils, and through this activity, children find out how scientists use fossils to understand the behaviour of organisms. 

The friendly staff are around to help the children with their artwork and at the same time, explain to them more about the interesting facts and knowledge about dinosaurs. 


At Dino Stop Motion Animation activity station, children learn how to use daily materials to make and re-create how dinosaurs went extinct, and form animations using mobile phone. 


At the Geological Timeline Activity station, children get to exercise their creativity and learn how to make a geological timeline. Through this educating and fun activity, they will learn more about dinosaurs’ history. All the above activity stations, you can bring home your own artwork.


At Plaza Singapura “Dinosaurize Me!”, you can get up close to observe and admire the fossil replica of one of the largest beasts and learn more about them. Don’t forget to take photos with these majestic dinosaurs.  


Additional Information:

“Dinosaurize Me!” mall activities and social media promotion

When: 29 May to 14 June 2015

Where: Plaza Singapura, Level 1 Main Atrium

Mall Activities

A. Science Shows

What do dinosaurs eat? How can we tell the age of dinosaurs? These are just some questions that curious little Maxim has been asking his parents and friends. Join Maxim in his quest to learn more about dinosaurs through an entertaining and enriching Science show!

Timings: Saturdays & Sundays, 1:30 pm, 4:30 pm, 7:30 pm

B. Dino Fun Zone

1. Dinosaur Fossils Crafting:

Imprint fossils are created when organisms move. Learn how you can use clay to create these fossils, and discover how scientists use them to better understand the behaviour of organisms.

2. Dino Stop Motion Animation:

Learn how to use everyday materials to construct and re-create how dinosaurs went extinct, and form animations using your mobile phone.

3. Geological Timeline Activity:

Creative and educational, learn how to construct a geological timeline while discovering the history of dinosaurs!

Admission for each fun zone activity is priced at $5 per entry.

Entry to the Exhibition and weekend Science shows are free and is opened from 11:00 am to 8:00 pm daily.

Social Media Promotion

Pose with the dinosaurs and win attractive shopping vouchers!

1. Capture a photo of you and your family at our Science in the Mall event: Dinosaurize Me! from 29 May to 14 June 2015.

2. Upload the photo on Instagram using the hashtag #PSDinosaurizeMe and link @plazasingapura.

3. Add a funky caption to your post!

Contest period: 29 May to 14 June 2015.

Winners will be announced on 26 June 2015

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