Little Pods Local Baby Spa Celebrates its First Anniversary

Little Pods 1

{Media Invite}

Local baby spa Little Pods turns one and the media was invited to celebrate and watch a swim and massage session for babies aged 5 months. Join Our Parenting World team to find out more about Little Pods and the services it offers to help parents and babies bond through nurturing touch.

Little Pods is a dedicated baby spa with fully certified baby masseuses using only 100% pure essential oils blended in-house with 100% botanical extracts that helps to stimulate various senses that is vital to a baby’s growth and wellbeing. It provides baby massage and water-based exercise customised exclusively for babies. 

Play area

The play area

individual baby pools

Individual baby pools

LP massage area

The massage area

Little Pods2

A closer look at the individual pool.

Little Pods 3

The large pool can accumulate up to 6 babies. This large pool enables babies to have group interaction with one another and they have more room to exercise. 

Little Pods has five individual pools and one large pool all comes with toys, parents can be assured that all the pools are disinfected using tea tree oil which is an all-natural antibacterial, antimicrobial, antiviral, antifungal and antiseptic substance. The pool water will be changed after each session. 

Little pods 4

Before the babies go into the pool, they will be given warm up exercises to stretch and flex their little muscles. The pools has bright colourful lights that helps to stimulate the baby’s senses, it also comes with bubble and whirlpool features for hydro massages at the right temperature.

That’s not all, Little Pods incorporates water-based exercises for babies that helps to strengthen a baby’s heart and motor and cognitive skills, as well as instill self-confidence. Their tailor-made baby swimming programme stimulates a baby’s psychological and physiological development, and is recommended for babies from one month old. 

Little Pods 5

After the pool session, babies will be treated to a relaxing massage using massage oil blended in-house with 100% botanical extracts. The baby massage programme is suitable for babies from 1 to 24 months old, and is useful to help those with colic, digestive or sleep issues.

Little Pods believes in the power of parents to extend the benefits of touch at home, masseuses will guide parents step-by-step through each massage session, imparting skills and knowledge so that parents can perform the baby massages at home, and so continue to develop a strong attachment with their baby. 

Little Pods
3 Thomson Ridge
Singapore 574634
Tel: +65 6455 6687
Opening Hours:
Tues – Fri from 10am to 7pm
Sat, Sun and PH from 9am to 7pm*Closed on Mon

To find out more about Little Pods, please click HERE

Joe Labero spectacular magic show returning for A Night of Magic At Raffles Hotel 


A Night of Magic at Raffles (1){Media Invite}

Are you ready to believe? Following the spectacular success of INCANTO in 2013 and A NIGHT OF MAGIC AT RAFFLES in 2014, four-time Merlin Award Winner and renowned magic master Joe Labero returned to Singapore with a fiery bang for A NIGHT OF MAGIC AT RAFFLES from 16 January 2015 till 22 February 2015 at Jubilee Hall, Raffles Hotel.

Our Parenting World team is excited to know that Joe Labero is back and we can’t wait to catch him in action. Who doesn’t like to watch magic shows especially one that will blow you away and keep you in awe! 

Joe Labero2

 Joe Labero 3

Before the show starts, the suspense of the show has already started to build up, lots of masked men walking around, do catch hold of them. We can’t wait for the show to start!

A Night of Magic at Raffles (2)

About Joe Labero, he is a Swedish magician and Joe Labero is a stage name coming from his birthname, Lars Bengt Roland Johansson. He is one of the top five magicians in the world. He has already performed 2000 shows in Australia and more than 5,000 shows in Europe. 

The show aims to impress the audience and keep them engaged. This time round at Jubilee Hall, Joe Labero attempts to tame fire, which is probably one of nature’s most powerful element assisted by the hottest guest performers and fire artistes – Burnt Out Punks. Together, they come up with a fiery punk circus show combining classic favourites with brand new illusions that have never been seen before. 

A Night of Magic at Raffles (4)

Our team thoroughly enjoyed the show and many segments have kept us wondering how did he do it? We can’t figure out as there are no loopholes. Every segment has been performed skillfully and perfectly. Joe Labero is witty, charismatic and humourous. Classic magic tricks are performed brilliantly with new twists like levitation, walking through people, disappearing acts, sawing a woman through several blocks in half, rings trick, trying to escape from sharp spikes and many more that have never fail to amaze the audience. 

Throughout the show, he keeps on engaging the audience and inviting them to be part of his performances. There is not a single dull moment and we are constantly captivated by his spectacular performances and illusions. 

Joe Labero 1

Joe Labero has put up a brilliant show of magic and illusion, it is a good all round entertainment show suitable for the whole family.

This is a show that is definitely worth watching! 

Additional Information:

A NIGHT OF MAGIC AT RAFFLES truly showcased Joe Labero’s artistry in performing illusions, and the mastery of his showmanship that he has achieved over the past decades.


Latest news updated on 30 January 2015, from now till 15 February 2015.

It’s a 1 for 1 for shows from 12-15 February 2015, customers would just have to key in LOVE in the sistic website to enjoy this special promotion! Hurry, don’t miss this exclusive promotion to enjoy this spectacular magic performance by Joe Labero. 

Ticketing Details:

Event Name: A Night of Magic at Raffles

Date: 16 January to 22 February 2015

Venue: Jubilee Hall, Raffles Hotel

Time: Weekdays – 7.30pm

Saturdays – 3.00pm, 7.30pm

Sundays – 3.00pm

Prices: VIP Reserve (Meet & Greet) – Adults: $230, Children: $215

Standard – Adults: $125, Children: $60

Restricted View – Adults: $75, Children: $50

Ticketing Site:

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