Christmas Joy at Port of the Lost Wonder Sentosa

Port of the Lost Wonder Christmas 2014 1Where can we experience Christmas Joy and have fun in Singapore? Port of the Lost Wonder Sentosa presents Santaville where everyone is invited to visit the festive village and create special Christmas memories for the whole family. The event is held on the 21st, 25th and 26th December 2014 from 10am to 9.30pm. 

Port of the Lost Wonder Christmas 2014 3

Port of the Lost Wonder Sentosa is a great place for children, parents and families to have a jolly good time especially so when the whole place is immersed with Christmas celebrations. Although it was raining heavily when we visited Port of the Lost Wonder, the boys waited patiently for the rain to stop and finally the heavy rain reduced to just drizzling. Horray! The boys managed to continue with their activities. 

Port of the Lost Wonder Christmas 2014 4Port of the Lost Wonder Christmas 2014 5

First stop, we visited Reindeer Cafe when the boys get hands-on in making and decorating their own gingerbread man cookie. 

Port of the Lost Wonder Christmas 2014 6

Port of the Lost Wonder Christmas 2014 7

At the same cafe, the boys get to make Frozen Slushie where they will customise their own blend of drinks to enjoy an icy cold slushie. 

Port of the Lost Wonder Christmas 2014 2

Take photos with this life-sized sleigh made out of just balloons!

Port of the Lost Wonder Christmas 2014 9 Port of the Lost Wonder Christmas 2014 10

At the Make-a-wish station, the boys get down to write down their wishes on the Christmas Balls Ornaments and hang them on the Christmas Trees.

Hmm … what the boys wish for? Hee hee … they said it’s a secret!

Port of the Lost Wonder Christmas 2014 11 Port of the Lost Wonder Christmas 2014 8

The boys get to choose their favourite designs and have their hands painted. Aren’t they beautiful?

Port of the Lost Wonder Christmas 2014 16

One of the highlights at Port of the Lost Wonder is to meet Santa and taking photos with everyone’s favourite Santa Claus and his friends! 

Port of the Lost Wonder Christmas 2014 13

Port of the Lost Wonder Christmas 2014 14

Ho ho ho … Santa Claus is here, bringing cheers and joy to children and parents. 

Port of the Lost Wonder Christmas 2014 15

After meeting Santa and his friends at Santa House, the boys went on to visit Snowy Wonderland.

Port of the Lost Wonder Christmas 2014 17Port of the Lost Wonder Christmas 2014 18

The boys are so excited to experience snowfall at Snowy Wonderland! You can also exercise creativity and build your own Snowman here. 

Port of the Lost Wonder Christmas 2014 19 Port of the Lost Wonder Christmas 2014 20

The boys can’t wait to jump into the Bubble Party where they spend some time playing with the bubbles. 

Port of the Lost Wonder Christmas 2014 21 Port of the Lost Wonder Christmas 2014 22

Ahoy! We are reporting at the Pirate Ship, ready for a wet and exciting adventure. During this period, the pirate ship opening hours will be extended till 9pm. 

Celebrate Christmas at Santa’s Village at Port of the Lost Wonder, besides the above activities, there are a lot of activities that the whole family can participate like “Our Family Dress Up Competition”, “Christmas Movie Screenings Under The Stars”, “Mini Market” where you can indulge in traditional German delights like Bratwursts and Crepes. Yum yum … 

Port of the Lost Wonder Christmas 2014 23

Our Parenting World team, Gor Gor and Di Di would like to thank the lovely organisers, Port of the Lost Wonder and Sentosa for having us.

Port of the Lost Wonder is always one of our favourite places to visit and it is also a good place to have birthday parties. Please click HERE to find out more.

Additional Information

Port of the Lost Wonder (POLW) Ticket Price:

$25 per child accompanying adults enter for free. 20% off for POLW members limited to 4 standard tickets only. Book your tickets now at

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