Duracell celebrates 50 years of portable power

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Speaking of Duracell, many of us would have heard of this household brand famous for its long lasting batteries and would have used it before or currently using it. Duracell celebrates 50 years of portable power, from powering the transistor radio of yesteryears, to modern-day digital gadgets.

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The latest Duracell CopperTop batteries with Duralock Power Preserve™ Technology last six times longer than ordinary batteries* and guarantees 10 years of power preservation in storage.

Batteries are an essential part of our lives, we need them in almost everything like toys, clocks, radios, torch lights and many more. We simply can’t live without them and it is important if the batteries can last much longer! What’s more, the latest Duracell CopperTop AA and AAA batteries provide six times longer-lasting power with Duralock Power Preserve™ Technology, to help families save more. These batteries have been engineered to deliver the right level of power for all devices, and are rated for reliable operation in temperature extremes from -20°C to 54°C. The Duracell batteries also have up to a 10-year guarantee in storage.

Additional Information:

Product Benefits

1)Duracell with Duralock technology lasts up to 6 times longer than ordinary batteries.*
1 Duracell = up to 6 Ordinary Batteries.

2)Better performance
Higher internal volume which allows for increased actives and hence increased performance.

3)Lower leakage rate
Has higher compression seal and higher crimp leakage resistance.

4)Improved safety
Reduced risk of negative cap expulsion in case of internal pressure build up.

Recommended Retail Price

Duracell CopperTop AA 4 pack: S$ 5.65

Duracell CopperTop AAA 2 pack: S$ 2.90


Available at all leading supermarkets (Giant, Cold Storage, 7-11, Fair Price, Mustafa)

 *based on technical tests on digital cameras vs. ordinary zinc carbon batteries.

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Duracell turns 50 and Our Parenting World team would like to wish Duracell Happy 50th Birthday and many more great years to come! In celebration of Duracell’s 50 birthday, its organisers and Duracell have kindly invited us to the movie premiere of Transformers: Age of Extinction. Thank you for giving us an enjoyable and memorable evening! 

This June, Duracell partners Transformers: Age of Extinction, the fourth film in director Michael Bay’s global blockbuster franchise, in the epic showdown of good versus evil. This movie is the fourth installment of the Transformers film series which started in 2007. The current movie is a sequel to Transformers: Dark of the Moon, the film takes place four years after the invasion of Chicago with completely new cast starring Mark Wahlberg in the lead role.

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With much anticipation, this movie will feature the first appearance of Dinobots and other Transformers including Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Ratchet, Leadfoot, and Brains. 

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If you are watching the movie at The Cathay, 2 Handy Road, you will be able to catch the two three-metre tall statues of Optimus Prime and Bumblebee at the entrance. Get ready your camera for photo taking opportunities with the huge Transformers!


What is your scent style?

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Our Parenting World team attended the launch of the new Downy® Parfum Collection™ to find out more about it latest range of fabric softeners. Downy® Parfum Collection™ with Scent Switcher Technology™, now available in four variants – Happiness, Innocence, Mystique and Passion. With the latest perfume innovation in the form of Scent Switching Technology™, one’s dressing and scenting up experience with Downy® will never be the same again.

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Our Parenting World, Mummy chose the Happiness and Innocence range.  How about you, what is your scent style?

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Fu Shuqi, Brand Communications Manager in the middle and Junqi Hamano, Senior Perfumer at the right side of the photo introduced and shared with us the new parfum collection and its research story. 

“With the amazing Scent Switcher Technology™, every rub is a new perfume experience.”said Fu Shuqi.

Downy® Parfum Collection™ will keep our clothings soft and smell good too. Upon hearing this, Mummy is very excited and looking forward to use this on our laundry with her chosen Downy Parfum Scent. You can have a whiff at our clothings!   

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Viola Tan and Rachel Lim, Co-founders of Love, Bonito showcased its style collection with Downy Parfum Scent according to the four scent variants and shared with us useful fashion care tips for our clothings.

Additional Information:

Downy® Parfum Collection now features the new, breakthrough Scent Switcher Technology™. Each variant in the Parfum Collection™ Happiness, Mystique, Innocence and Passion now contains two types of Perfume Micro-Capsules (PMCs) that will be deposited onto your clothing during each wash. These capsules are activated upon rubbing, wearing or moving of the fabric, slowly releasing fresh bursts of fragrance in the air to make every rub a new perfume experience.

The scents for Downy® Parfum Collection™ are carefully blended by the world’s leading perfume house to provide you a special, long-lasting scent experience on your clothes, just like wearing fine fragrances.


Downy® Parfum Collection – Happiness

A new refreshing perfume fragrance that’s flirtatious, playful and breezy in the summer heat.

A refreshing perfume fragrance that is both flirtatious and playful; Happiness entices your senses with fruity citrus top notes of Elon, Passion fruit, Bergamot andCalamansi, reinforced by a pure creamy floral mix.

This includes Lotus, Peony, Jasmine, Violet and green notes that sit on a solid yet sophisticated frame – woody and powdery notes from Sandalwood, Oakmoss and Musk. 

Downy® Parfum Collection – Mystique

A creation of evocative and sensorial oriental spicy floral scent inspired by the timeless theme of Paris at midnight.

Mystique’s heady fresh top notes of Grapefruit, Apricot and luscious Red Fruit flourishes into a dainty floral bouquet of French Lily and Osmanthus. This is skilfully blended with sweet Tonka and creamy powdery Vanilla notes. The earthly background of rich Amber, airy Musks and precious Woods is woven together with an assortment of aromatic, intriguing and playful spices.

Downy® Parfum Collection – Innocence

An enchanting floral bouquet sheathed with precious Musks explores the gentle and romantic side of sophisticated femininity.

Innocence entrances the senses with its charming combination of Raspberries, fresh flowers, and rich and precious Amber that are woven together to form a perfect balance of sweet innocence and refined femininity.

Downy® Parfum Collection – Passion

A delightfully sweet, alluring and fruity mix immersed withan enchanting floral wrapping with a warm and sensual Vanillic background.

Passion’s delectable, fruity fragrance is destined to turn heads; a flawless concoction of Apple Blossoms, Freesia, and Vanilla, topped up with subtle hints of fresh Mulberry and Cedarwood, formulates the perfect dose of sweet and vibrant.

Downy® Parfum Collection™ is available at all leading supermarkets.

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