Awakening the Genius in Every Child

Our Parenting World was invited by Wyeth Nutrition, Singapore to attend this interesting seminar at SmartKids Asia Expo as part of the activities organised by being a blogging partner of Rise and Shine


The Speaker, Dr Thomas Armstrong, an award winning author and speaker who specializes in multiple intelligences and is the Executive Director of the American Institute for Learning and Human Development shared with the audience that every child is a genius. As parents and educators, we should encourage them to discover their area of genius instead of focusing on the rigid academic process that most of us are familiar with.

There are 12 qualities of genius which are: curiosity, playfulness, imagination, creativity, wonder, wisdom, inventiveness, vitality, sensitivity, flexibility, humour and joy. All children have these qualities and we as parents should try to nurture them through a good and supportive family environment.

We find this talk very relevant to our kids in Singapore as many parents here are focusing too much on our child’s academic success and risk suppressing their other aspect of geniuses. 


To complement the genius development in your child, you would also need to ensure your child has the necessary good nutrition for his growth and development. Wyeth Nutrition’s S-26 Advanced Formula Range with Wyeth BioFactors System is able to help support your child’s overall growth and development. The unique combination now features optimised levels of DHA, Choline and Lutein and also high quality proteins including Alpha-lacatalbumin, Oligofructose and 5 kinds of Nucleotides to help support growth and development. 


S-26 has a wide range of milk formula that is suitable for your child from 6 months to 3 years old onwards.

Daddy who is a medical doctor and a public health specialist believes that it is very important for a growing up child to have the necessary nutrients to optimize his growth and development as this is the crucial stage of a child’s life.

Full Disclosure: We were invited and compensated by Rise & Shine for attending the above event and for writing this post. However, all views and opinions are entirely ours.

Review of Betadine Gargle and Mouthwash


Daddy is a medical doctor and a strong advocate of Betadine Gargle and Mouthwash. This product has multiple functions, it helps to prevent tooth decays and also help in treating sore throat.

One of the irritating symptoms of the common cold is sore throat. Common cold in medical terms is called “upper respiratory tract infection”. This means infection of the upper respiratory tract, namely the nose and the throat. A person who has common cold will normally have sore throat, running nose, cough and sometimes fever. The germs are normally located at the throat area.

Betadine Gargle is useful to kill the germs located in your throat. As an antiseptic, it is able to kill the viruses or bacteria which are located at the throat. This will relieve your symptoms and make you feel better. In fact, most causes of common cold are caused by viruses and not bacteria. Oral antibiotics prescribed by your doctors generally only targets against bacteria but not viruses. Thus antiseptic gargle like Betadine is useful for treatment against sore throat.

As a mouth wash, if you use it regularly, it will kill the germs in your mouth and this will help to reduce tooth decay and prevent gum infection. In addition, it also help to relieve mouth ulcer, improve oral hygiene and remove bad breathe. The colour of the mouth wash solution is dark brown and has a minty taste but you are not supposed to swallow the mouthwash when you use it. All you need to do is to gargle for a good 30 seconds only to be effective and it is so easy to use, even for school going children.


Betadine Gargle and Mouthwash is suitable for everyone and for children age 6 years and above. When we first introduced the mouthwash to Gor Gor, we were worried that he might not get used to it. After the first try, he was used to the minty taste immediately. It was relatively easy for him to use just gargle for 30 seconds. We like Betadine Gargle and Mouthwash for its overall benefits and even young children like Gor Gor will gargle with it every day and it helps to improve his overall oral hygiene. 

Full Disclosure: We were given Betadine Gargle and Mouthwash to try out and compensated for writing this post. However, all views and opinions are entirely ours.

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