Birthday Party, Nerf Gun Theme

Gor Gor was invited to Ethan Lee’s birthday party and it was a theme that majority of the boys would be excited about it. Nerf Gun Party at Botanic Gardens, Bukit Timah Core (Cluny Park Entrance).

The words on Ethan’s invitation card :

“Bring your best game face for a nerf gun party”

At destination you will demonstrate your nerf gun abilities performing, target practice, shooting drills, field agility training and nerf battle.

Nerf guns will be provided.

Gor Gor and his friends were so excited. Gor Gor has two pairs of nerf guns at home and he often played with them. He was looking forward to demonstrate his gun abilities at the party and play with his friends.

Ethan Birthday Party 24112012 012

Gor Gor was given a nerf gun to play with. Thanks Ethan!

Ethan Birthday Party 24112012 016

“I am all ready to battle.”

Ethan Birthday Party 24112012 017Ethan Birthday Party 24112012 024

The stylo commandor-in-charge was Ethan’s Daddy, he gave instructions to the boys and taught them how to use the gun.

Ethan Birthday Party 24112012 027Ethan Birthday Party 24112012 049Ethan Birthday Party 24112012 045Ethan Birthday Party 24112012 044

The boys were told to shoot the targets and move from point 1 to 2 and so on.

Ethan Birthday Party 24112012 099Ethan Birthday Party 24112012 100

The stylo commandor-in-charge told the boys to get ready for the big gun battle.

Ethan Birthday Party 24112012 101Ethan Birthday Party 24112012 105Ethan Birthday Party 24112012 137Ethan Birthday Party 24112012 108

The boys were all busy loading up their guns. Gor Gor was all ready to battle!

Ethan Birthday Party 24112012 144Ethan Birthday Party 24112012 194Ethan Birthday Party 24112012 180

Nerf battle between the both sides … who will win?


Ethan Birthday Party 24112012 117

Group photo of the brave boys!

Ethan Birthday Party 24112012 079

Nerf Gun theme Birthday Cake

Ethan Birthday Party 24112012 201Ethan Birthday Party 24112012 209

Happy Birthday Ethan and thanks for inviting us to your birthday party! We have so much fun playing shooting games.


Di Di Birthday Celebration

Di Di turned 2 years old. His teachers in school celebrated his birthday with his group of friends in class. Di Di was the youngest one in class. We did not celebrate on his actual day as the school has allocated time slot for us within the birthday month to come down to celebrate Di Di’s birthday with his teachers and friends.

Videll Birthday in School 029

It is the school’s tradition that each birthday boy will hold a globe and walked one round, months of the year, January to December will be placed around in one circle. The birthday boy will walk around the circle and the number of times depending on his age. Di Di turned 2 years and he will walk around the circle 2 times.

Videll Birthday in School 004

Ms Fiona telling Di Di to hold the globe and walked around the circle 2 times.

Videll Birthday in School 009Videll Birthday in School 010Videll Birthday in School 024Videll Birthday in School 025Videll Birthday in School 026Videll Birthday in School 028

Ms Fiona sharing with the class, Di Di’s birth story till now. Di Di listened intently to Ms Fiona.

Videll Birthday in School 012Videll Birthday in School 032Videll Birthday in School 033Videll Birthday in School 035

Di Di walking around the circle holding the globe.

Videll Birthday in School 037Videll Birthday in School 039

Ms Fiona helping Di Di to blow the candle after walking around the circle 2 times.

Videll Birthday in School 076

Di Di loves Bumble Bee and he was so thrilled to have Bumble Bee as his birthday cake.

Videll Birthday in School 049Videll Birthday in School 053

Di Di was so happy to be able to celebrate his birthday with his friends!

Videll Birthday in School 056Videll Birthday in School 059Videll Birthday in School 064

The children gathering around to sing Happy Birthday songs to Di Di in both English and Mandarin.

While Ms Fiona was cutting the cake, we were quite amazed that Di Di was so independent, he went to pick up the items to lay the table.

Videll Birthday in School 079Videll Birthday in School 080Videll Birthday in School 081Videll Birthday in School 082Videll Birthday in School 083

We were very impressed with Di Di.

It is the School’s tradition for the birthday child to serve the cake to all the children in the class.

Videll Birthday in School 100Videll Birthday in School 098 Videll Birthday in School 107 Videll Birthday in School 108 Videll Birthday in School 110

When Ms Fiona asked Di Di to take the cake and give it to each of his classmate. He did it so happily. He will wait for Ms Fiona to cut the cake and for her instruction to give the cake to which student. He will then happily take the cake and give to each of his friend. He did it all cheerfully. Each time he will hand the cake to his friend and said okay happily when he has done. He will quickly go back to Ms Fiona and waited patiently for her to cut the cake. We were so amazed by Di Di’s independence and he is always so cheerful. He does not look like a 2 years old boy. Ms Fiona told us that Di Di is actually quite independent in school and he can do a lot of things on his own.

Videll Birthday in School 114Videll Birthday in School 115


The highlight moment came when Ms Fiona asked Gor Gor to sit down and Di Di will serve him the cake. Di Di happily went to give Gor Gor the cake and he proceed to pat Gor Gor’s head. We were so surprised and Gor Gor was touched.


Videll Birthday in School 119

Di Di taking a picture with his teacher, Ms Fiona

Videll Birthday in School 126 Videll Birthday in School 125 Videll Birthday in School 129 Videll Birthday in School 134 Videll Birthday in School 135 Videll Birthday in School 139

Finally it was Di Di’s turn to eat his birthday cake and Gor Gor joined him to take a picture.

Today is actually Gor Gor’s birthday, Happy Birthday Gor Gor!


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