{Sponsored Event} Invitation to Heart Studio

Gor Gor was invited to Heart Studio  for art lesson. Thanks to SMB and Heart Studio for the invitation!

About Heart Studio, it has art classes from age 3 to 13 onwards.  It believes in providing quality Arts education for all students to gain mastery in making art, to nurture their creative potential and to cultivate a community of artists and art lovers of all ages.

Gor Gor will be joining the young Van Gogh class. 

“Hi everyone, this is my class”. 

“The pictures on the wall are some of the art pieces done by students of young Van Gogh class”.

“I am looking forward to my art class and I can’t wait to start drawing”.

Gor Gor and his classmates working hard on their art pieces.

“Can you guess what am I going to draw?”

“Tada! I have completed my drawing.”

“This is my teacher who teaches me and I like to learn drawing from him. Thanks for teaching me!”

Mummy and Daddy are very impressed with my art work and they have proudly displayed my art pieces at home. They are very happy with the drawings done by me and thanks to Heart Studio!

Heart Studio LLP
101 Soo Chow Walk Singapore 575385
Tel: (65) 6554 7563
Fax: (65) 6554 7562
Email: info@heartstudiosg.com

Heart Studio is pleased to offer a 10% discount to all our readers, please quote HSTSMB7 when you sign up for its art classes. 

Power punch porridge

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It perks you up and gives you energy needed for the whole morning.

Breakfast needs to be cook fast as Gor Gor needs to wake up at 5.30am and the school bus will pick him up at 6.10am. It should be easy to made, nutritious and able to last him the whole morning. As Gor Gor is a picky eater, it has to be tasty too!

To make it enticing to the kids, I have to come up with catchy names for the boys.

Introducing the power punch porridge, “power” which gives lots of energy to last you the whole morning, “punch”which is tasty that will perk you up! Gor Gor said it makes him feel powerful!

Here is the recipe and you can tweet it to suit your taste.





Blueberries and Cranberries



Pour one cup of oats into a pot together with four cups of milk or soya milk.

Stir gently over medium heat until it starts to bubble.

Turn down the heat slightly and simmer for about five minutes. Keep on stirring.

Add a pinch of sugar to taste (if needed) and stir well. We use honey instead of sugar.

When cooked, placed the toppings on top.

You can serve with any of the suggested toppings below:

Cut or mashed banana

Chopped mixed fruit

Strawberries or berries

Chopped nuts and cinnamon

Any other toppings that you or your kids love.

Another alternative way to cook:

Instead of using a pan or pot to cook, you can also use the microwave.


Use 1 portion oats to 4 portions of water, then microwave for about 3 minutes.

How do you measure the amount of water to use, for one person, using a measuring cup, allow 1/4 or 1/3 cup of oats. Depending on the number of people you are cooking for, just add 4 times the amount of water.

Power Punch Porridge
That’s it, pretty easy to make. Anyone can do it!

Mummy used to write recipes for a book published by Marshall Cavendish. Please click this link to see the recipes. They can also be used for breakfast.
* This post is part of the Breakfast for Champions series started by Adora Tan which features breakfast ideas from 14 Singapore Mom Bloggers. Click on the badge for more breakfast ideas!

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