Daddy’s professional opinion on children and milk

This is to follow-up on the earlier posting about Gor Gor and Milo drink.
Many parents nowadays forgotten about the importance of giving milk to their children, after they have started primary schools. This could be due to their busy schedule and also the child’s busy schedule. Drinking milk is still very important even though your child may have grow up and now in primary school.
Young children at this growing phase needs more calories and milk is a good source of energy for them. In addition, milk contains calcium which is very important for the development of bones for children at this stage. Unfortunately, many children at this age does not like to drink milk as they feel the milk are not very tasty compared to soft drinks.
As parents, you should continue to encourage your kids to drink milk, at least one glass a day, preferably more than that if possible. If they do not like to drink formula milk, you can give them Milo which is a malt chocolate drink which can be mixed with milk for drinking.
Some parents maybe worried that drinking too much milk may cause obesity in the children. Generally, children who are obese are caused by excessive consumption of other food like fries and lack of exercise. If you can control what they eat and let them have enough physical activities, there is no worries about obesity at this young age.

Gor Gor and Mr Milo Man

This is a picture of me with Mr Milo Man. I like to drink Milo because it is a very nice drink. My parents said that for children, it is important for them to drink enough milk every day as milk is very important for children growth. Drinking milo is very convenient as it comes with a nice disposable packet.
There are other brands of milks, including chocolate milks available in the supermarket, but none of them are as popular or as good as Milo. It is the best drink for children.
Mr Milo man is very nice, he agrees to pose with me for a photoshoot because I am Milo’s biggest fan in Singapore.

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