Tips on dogs and children

Mummy says:

We have a dog at home. I often have parents asking me “Can dogs and children get along?” These parents normally have a dog or more at home before the arrival of their newborns and they now wonder if they need to give away their dogs.
Actually, children and dogs can get along well, provided you follow some of the key pointers below:
1. Know the temperament of your dog. If your dog is the big aggressive type like Rotweiler, then you need to be very very careful. But if your dog is those with good nature like Golden Retriever, then it is easy for the dogs to get along with your child.
2. Introduce the child to the dog in a calm environment, let the dog sniffs the child. If the dog is happy (eg wagging his tail, not growling), then it is safe. But keep a close eye when the dog and child are together as sometimes the child may pull the dog’s tail or hit the dog and then the dog may retaliate back by biting. Make sure both parties are well behaved.
For medical conditions, you need to make sure your child does not have asthma or allergic to dogs fur as these can trigger asthmatic attack.
Its good for children to play with pets as we teach them to be responsible with animals they can have fun with them, as long as you watch over them.

Di Di talking to Puffy

This is Puffy, our family dog. Puffy is quite old now, he is actually older than my Gor Gor, but he still behaves like a puppy. He is very naughty and likes to eat our food. I am having a conversation with Puffy now. I told him “Puffy, you naughty boy. You are not allowed to eat my food!”
After I scolded him, he is apologetic of his action and said sorry to me.

After that, my Gor Gor came and held Puffy by his shoulder and told him “You must listen to my little brother”. Thanks Gor Gor for reinforcing the message.

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