Amazing Development

Mummy says:
Gor Gor has been picking up new words so rapidly that I can’t jot down all his new words. He is so excited when he picks up new things and that we understand what he is saying. Here are some of his new words that Mummy can remember in addition to what was written in the previous post.
1) Rainbow
2) Sun
3) Cloud
4) Close
5) Cup
6) Ballon
7) Truck
8) Earth
9) Owl
10) Pen
11) Paper
12) Space
13) Horse
14) Yellow
15) Apple
16) Tree
17) Bark
18) Pao pao (When he wants us to carry him)
19) One more …
20) Play
21) Wet
He likes to put his fingers in his mouth and his hands will be wet. He will say wet wet and wants us to wipe his hands. He will say “wipe” in Mandarin.
22) Bee
Gor Gor knows how to say the word bee because poor Gor Gor, he stepped on a bee and was bitten by it.
23) Door
24) Black
25) White
26) Uh oh …
27) Stop
28) Go
29) Down
30) High
31) Baby
32) Wagon
33) Doctor
34) Robot
35) Take
36) Milk but he still prefers to refer it as Nei Nei
37) Rabbit
38) Spoon
39) Bowl
40) Box
41) Cheese
42) Wait
43) Cake
44) Table
45) Bread
46) Frog
47) Pig
48) Cow
49) Put back
50) Press
51) Rice
52) Wagon
53) Ant
54) Bottle
55) Okay
56) A, B, C, D, E … (Mum taught until this part)
and so on …
Horray!! He has reached more than a 100 words including the words in this post and earlier post :) Mummy felt that this is one of her greatest achievement. It is sure not easy but as a mother, I feel that I have the responsibility to teach him well.
I taught him how to recognise the different colours and as he is so passionate about cars, he is able to point out which car is red, blue, white, black, yellow and so on …
When we are at the traffic light, he knows red light means stop and green light means go. He is really cute when red light, he will say stop and green light, he will say go go go …
Toddlers pick up things very fast, he saw me used the DVD player and wanted to play the DVD so each time when we play his DVDs, I will let him do it. Geeze … as a result, he wants to do it every time I am at home, it can be many times a day. He doesn’t allow us to watch our own programmes as he wanted us to watch his.
Oh he loves songs and dance. His favourite songs are twinkle twinkle little stars, old macdonald and so on. He is able to fill in the blanks for his favourite songs. We will sing bits and pieces and he will fill the words in.
He likes to imitate us so much now. When I was having chicken rice for lunch, he wanted to eat and I was so surprised that he started to scoop up the rice with the spoon and eat. Before that, he has never eaten chicken rice. As usual, Puffy, our dog was jumping up and down wanting to eat our food. Suddenly he said out the words “go away” to Puffy. I was so surprised. I didn’t know he knows how to say these two words. He must have picked up from us when we asked Puffy to go away when he was always jumping up and down at the table.

Headache ouch

Gor Gor says:
It all happened when Daddy and I were sitting at the garden. Daddy was reading newspapers and suddenly I decided to stand. The chair gave way and I fell backwards with my head hitting on the ground.
I was crying so badly and immediately I had a big lump behind my head. Daddy was so worried that he told Mummy that I had to go to the A&E for an X-ray.
On the way to the hospital, I didn’t cry as I thought I was going shopping with Mummy and Daddy but once I reached the A&E consultation room, I was shocked and started crying. The lady doctor checked my reflexes and comforted me at the same time. I thought it was over but I was send to do X-ray. Mummy was so heart-broken, she knew that it would be an ordeal for me but it was necessary to do an X-ray to check whether I had any fracture.
I was yelling, screaming and crying so loudly when doing the X-ray that my cries could be heard clearly outside. My parents prayed that I don’t have a fracture. However, the X-ray was not clear enough to show whether I had a fracture and I was send to do a town’s view of the skull which will be more detailed.
Thank God that all the tests shown that I had no fracture however my parents have to observe me further if I have any symptom of dizziness, vomiting, fainting and basically not behaving like myself when I go home.
We were at the A&E for a few hours and after that my parents were so tired but I refused to sleep when I reached home. I wanted Mummy to let me watch DVDs and she watched with me for a while till my parents decided to bring me for a car ride about 1 am. Fortunately, I fell asleep in the car.
What a day! Oh at the hospital, there were pictures of mickey mouse, dog, tweety bird, bear and so on. I was crying and busy naming the pictures at the same time. They were so worried and amused with me at the same time. I just can’t resist naming the things that I know even when I am crying especially my favorite vehicles like car and bus. Now I know how to say the word Doctor.